Twice!!!!!! *** sh*t heads at fedex!

I think they should be new targets for thugs to rob and beat the sh*t out of the drivers. How hard is it to f*cking read the address on the package? How hard is it to knock? First time, they delivered it to somebody house who then delivered it to me later that evening.

Ask yourself this fedex, what if that person didn't deliver that package to me? Second, same thing but no deliveries. Both times shows delivered, but no package at door, no knocks, and I'm 1000000000% positive that people were home!!! Both f*cking times!!!!!

Do these idiots not know how to read? I have important documentations with personal information and if these were to get in the wrong hands, fraudulent activities will arise due to the incompetence of fedex. Sad to say, my third and FINAL delivery is coming this Friday, September 11, 2014 from fedex... This last package was different.

For some reason, this was from a fedex post and from what I was told by fedex, USPS handles those type of packages. If so, I'm happy it fell into good hands. If not, consider myself f*cked once again from fedex. Oh how I predict where this one will also be delivered to......

The wrong address AGAIN I assure. But I should expect it from the morons. I will NEVER do business with fedex not recommend then to anyone or business. Please use UPS or USPS with confidence.

As for my exiting words, *** YOU fedex!

I hope people see the true colors of your company and shut you down. Next step, BBBB..

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In addition to my issue with the second package, I contacted fedex support to find out what was going on. Come to find that sarcasm and smart *** response is the motto for fedex.

Based on a true phone conversation:

Fedex: Thanks for calling fedex, how can I help you today? (Sounds like they're filing their nails with their foot propped up on the desk reclined)

Me: Hello, how are you? My name is ******* and I am calling because my package said it was delivered but there's no package or knock at my door.

fedex: oh my gosh really? Ok what's the tracking id?

It's the numbers that in front of the words tracking id...

You know where this goes as I'm sure those who has experienced with fedex and had issues with them knows. At this point, I calmly provided all the necessary information the agent requested just to get it over and done with. I see no point in arguing with idiots who has a dictionary and intelligence of a donkey. They said someone will call back.

Someone did call back... Only to ask the same *** and to say, "we will send the guy back out and show you where he put it." Guess what? Yep, you guessed it!!! An epic FAIL on fedex part!

Nobody showed up. Opened the door wide open, with the glass screen door closed just so they can't say nobody was home.

This will be day 2 of me calling back to fedex. Today is Thursday, September 10, 2014.

to Original poster - add on #868856

Second graders write better than you dummy.

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