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Dear FedEx,

You Suck!

How do I know this? It's because today is the 7th and that package that you were supposed to deliver on the 4th is still not here. In fact, I trust you so little that I will go and pick it up myself and deliver it to myself rendering you even more useless than you already are.

Not only are you useless at the simple act of doing the one thing your supposed to do, your customer service is atrocious. So bad in fact that I prefer dealing with either Comcast, the IRS or Veterans Administration.

Seriously FedEx... Please route all future deliveries to the boys in brown or the USPS and go outside and place the twelve barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger. You are hands down the worst of the worst. No wonder that there is a domain name dedicated to your suckiness.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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