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A package was to be delivered to my house saturday for valentines day which was not. Tracking showed it was delivered at 540 pm and put at my garage door.

First off there was a note on my door to put it in the garage.there were no tracks to my house let alone you are going to tell me that your company just puts packages in the snow instaed of following a note left on the door to put it in the garage. both my husband and i have spoken to fedex 4 times. The last i spoke with them the lady told me her suggestion over doing a trace would be to call pro flowers and get a refund. Are you was yr companys mess up not pro flowers.

I demanded a trace. Here is the kicker.....a lady from 3 streets down just brought me my package that was just delivered to her house by FEDEX today....

so not only did the driver lie and say he delivered it on saturday but can not read street signs on top of that. I am totally disfusted with the integrity of your employees.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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