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It took FEDEX 5 days to deliver a small package some 30 miles. I live approx 30 miles from the Macon, GA terminal.

When I inquired why it took so long, the terminal manager told me it was FEDEX policy to deliver the package based only on the "delivery date" shown on the shipping label. What a *** policy! I ask if my neighbor was having a package delivered on a certain date and if I had one which was to be delivered a couple days later, if mine was in the terminal, would he not deliver them both the same day? He said no!

My position is that I do not want to do business with polices such as FEDEX.

I have informed FEDEX that I will not accept any FEDEX deliveries and they are barred from my property.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Good one less *** we have to deal with.The shipper has DATE CERTAIN pkgs,fedex has no control over the shippers policy. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!!!!!!

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