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We paid for Next business day shipping through FedEx on Wednesday November 10, 2010. The package didn't actually ship out till Thursday November 11, 2010 for delivery on Friday November 12, 2010.

When the driver got to the shipping address he didn't even knock on the door, he just stuck a pre-printed label on the door and commented that we weren't available for delivery. We were there and were waiting vigilantly enough that we happened to look outside to see if perhaps the driver just left the package, instead we found his tag that he had left 20minutes earlier. WE WERE THERE THE WHOLE TIME! So we call FedEx immediately and two and a half hours later still haven't got an answer other than they should attempt redelivery on Monday!


We'll never use FedEx again! See ya..

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #419323

wait a watched the driver walk to your door and didn't meet them? i find that amazing.

did you do anything to let them know you were there?

when *** stuff like that happens it just means 1 more stop the next day. unnecessary to say the least.


In response to "im sure the driver just wants to keep coming back". I watched the fedex delivery man walk up to my house and stick the door tag on the door and walk away with no knock and no door bell. I dont pretend to know why he would do that, and he claimed he knocked when confronted - but he just flat didnt.


Im sure the driver just wants to keep coming back


different locations have different pick up times. so say you go online and prepay for a overnight package, but dont drop it off till the next day....the delivery date on the package would be wrong.

also, you should file a claim, and get a refund on your package...or the shipper will have to file. but you didnt get it on time, keep calling their hotline!!

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