Fedex Priority Delivery Service Reviews

It's almost two weeks now that my daughter's personal computer has been sitting in limbo between FedEx as my "agent" and customs in the UK. We have talked to 16 different fed ex "customer service" reps. They gave us wrong information from the get go about which documents, despite the fact we filled out what was requested on their site. They pulled a C3 document from our submittal and when our pc got to customs of course it was incomplete. ...
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Fedex - Priorty Shipment
My priority shipment from USA taking one week to arrive and effecting my business. I have cancel my business trip to New Zealand as parts are in FedEx location. Bad no response to correct any problem, no FedEx staff will pickup phone to resolve issue. All been paid on internet as only possible way to connect with FedEx there did not follow record and released shipment. After more than 24hrs and provided document to shipper side finally been...
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The envelope was supposed to arrive the next business day, it ended up in Ft Worth Tx, then Memphis TN, 2 days later it still has not left Memphis, calling customer service was a joke. I have had much experience with teh crack counter help at the airport fedex office. 2 extremely lazy black females that have been there for years that are extremely slow, rude, and will not budge off the stool they are sitting on. It amazes me how people like...
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I didn't like
  • I don t like it att all very desatisfied
  • Slow local service
  • Did not follow through