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I call asking about my package and they said it was delivered to the front office. However the front office at the apartment complex in which I stay is not open on Saturdays. They ask did i get a door tag no I did not. Now they aretrying to find the driver to retrieve package and here it is another day and haven't heard anything. I'm trying to seeif I can start a class action lawsuit against Fedex who with me. They are messing with people ...
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IF YOU WISH TO GET YOUR PACKAGES DO NOT USE FEDEX! I cannot believe how bad fedex customer service is. The driver came to my locked building for 3 days and was unable to enter my building. Somehow even though i was home i was magically supposed to know he was there and let him in. When o callef to complain i was informed that drivers do not carry cell phones and cannot contact cusyomers anpit delievery. I was notified of the attempts 2 hours...
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Very poor delivery service and they don't speak the truth I ordered a phone from AT&T it was sent overnight delivery on the day it was supposed to be delivered I got a delivery exception I called FedEx they told me the address I gave you was incorrect which was a bunch of baloney they told me it was going to try to redeliver did not happen I called again and the lady I spoke to said it would be delivered on Monday 4 days after the due date on...
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We had our passports overnight shipped via FedEx for our departure on Friday, Aug 19th. Delivery was scheduled before 8AM CST, and we were to be in Canada by dinner time. Our shipment got stuck in Memphis for some "mechanical and computer errors", and we did not get our passports until Saturday the 20th, and even then we had to drive 45 min out of our way to a local district center. We lost an entire day and most of a second day of our trip...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of compensation to date
  • Lack of answers
  • Lack of offer to remedy
Now there is a good chance we won't be able to get our housing because fedex says theres a thunderstorm in Tennessee now its going to be delayed for up to 4 days. How does a summer storm last 4 days and delay an overnight for that long? It could have been driven from chicago to cinncinatti in 5 hours, I could have done it. Instead it takes this weird inefficient detour through tennessee and gets stuck. I don't understand why they won't take...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of customer service
  • Late delivery