Tried to ship item to Spain on their "priority service". Driver collected item nearly an hour after deadline.

Left forms with us that were incomplete. Phoned next day as item not showing up on tracking website. Was told that it was already in Spain. Received call next day to say item was STILL in UK depot as the forms were incomplete.

Phoned Fedex and have now been told the earliest they can delivery it is next Monday. Item was collected on Tuesday. Remember, this is their "PRIORITY" service.

Still been charged for this despite being told otherwise. Would never use again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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You're a dumbbell.

FedEx never claimed to have a teleport machine. They ship packages to other countries they same way you travel to other countries -- by plane. That does take time, usually because YOURS ISN'T THE ONLY PACKAGE GOING TO SPAIN.

International Packages have to stop at this lovely little place called US CUSTOMS OFFICE. there your package is checked to make sure you aren't shipping prohibited material. Which is what the PAPERWORK IS FOR. YOu don't complete the paperwork (your responsibility) your package sits until you do.

Try flying to Spain without your passport and see what happens.


then it goes to SPANISH CUSTOMS. Again, paper work isn't completed properly (your responsibility) your package sits. It sits some more if there are fees that the SPANISH GOVERNMENT charges for import fees.

The two customs offices don't work for FedEx. FedEx has no control over what either customs office decides to do with your package.


You are aware that when shipping packages its the shippers responsibility to make sure the driver has the proper paper work.

Where I work when we ship packages with UPS, international packages need to have the customs paper work attached in a pouch to the package already completed. The driver simply takes the package and whatever departments need the customs paper work take it out of the pouch (usually 3 or so forms).

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