Fedex doesn't honor rate quotes. Website offers rate "quote" but actual charge is often (usually) higher by as much as 30%. Their policy is to set actual charge after delivery is made including addition of fuel surcharge they determine.

Customers have no way to find actual charge from either website or customer service. Instead have to wait several weeks for charge to post to credit card

Customer service completely worthless for resolving rate concerns. No acknowledgement that generally the cost of a service is confirmed before customer expected to commit.

Customers beware re Fedex shipping costs - safer to use UPS or priority mail if you care about what the actual charge will be.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Over a year ago Fedex began charging a "secret" surcharge on some shipments called "Dim-weighting". This is not shown on any quotes or spelled out anywhere on the website, even though the computation is extremely simple and Fedex could easily add it to their quote.

They don't show the fee because they don't want to show higher rates. They are deliberately concealing it and not telling anyone. It's deceptive, it's wrong, and it’s not publicly disclosed. I have put together a table showing when this fee is applied, but it's complicated (too complex to put here).

But here is a simple example: there are TWO types of Fedex Large boxes - the rectangular shallow one ("L1") and the "deep" one ("L2"). Both are large white express boxes, and when you do a rate quote (even a detailed rate quote) it does not distinguish between the two. In fact, you can't even input whether it is an L1 or L2 - you can only select "Large Fedex Box." The L2 box gets dim-weighted and the L1 box does not! On certain shipments (again the rules are complex), you will either be charged the rate you were quoted or the dim-weight, whichever is higher.

But you can EASILY calculate the dim-weight yourself. To calculate dim-weight, simply multiply the box dimensions (Length x Width x Height), divide that by 139, and round UP. Now input that as your weight into the quote - regardless of what your actual weight is - and refresh the quote. Essentially, this is the "minimum weight" allowed on shipments subject to dim-weighting.

For example, let's take an Extra-Large Cube Box ("X1"), which always gets dim-weighted by the way. It measures 11.875 x 10.8125 x 11.0625 inches. That comes to 1,420 cubic inches. Now we divide that by 139 and we get 10.21 pounds - but we round up - so it comes to 11 pounds.

That means that if you ship an X1 that actually weighs 5 pounds, you will be charged as if it weighs 11 pounds.

It’s essentially a “minimum weight.” I realize this does not make any sense, but it's true! And of course, Fedex could easily add this to their website so that it shows you the correct rate, but they’ve chosen to be deceptive instead.


Total nonsense. Phone rep gives you a total different quote. I am so tired of fedex rip off tactics when shipping multiple packages.

Will use greyhound cheapest rate!!


FedEx quoted one price and charged another! Rip-off!!!!

I will never use fedex again!!!! They can't be trusted.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #681823

I found this out today. Putting aside the face the overall rates have more than doubled since the last time I have used FedEx only a few years ago, my simple FedEx Letter ended up being 20% more than the quote and over $20 for a 2 day delivery on a letter!

The data entered online was identical to what was on the final documents.

I also found out -- after the fact since no one asked my preference -- that getting a signature on delivery now costs extra!

There is no way that a 2 day delivery with FedEx is anywhere near cost competitive. I will never use them again.

East Meadow, New York, United States #671321

The same thing happened to me. This estimated cost or courtesy quote Fedex is giving before you place a shipment is bogus, deceitful, and a scam.

Behind this estimated/ courtesy quote is hidden charges for fuel surcharge, DAS, and other charges only accessible and arbitrarily controlled by Fedex. There was no email confirmation of charges and no email explaining the big difference between actual and quoted.

I sell on ebay and amazon and i have been using fedex among UPS and USPS since 2008 and through that years, I trusted Fedex that the price i was quoted is the price i will be billed or a little bit higher by cents if necessary. I would have not shipped the items I sold on ebay or amazon had they quoted the hidden charges rather than give you a much lower cost. My fault, is I always trust American Companies.

I learned my lesson. I just learned everything two days ago when I received an email from ebay that I have been billed by fedex for pick up when I have never asked fedex to pick up the items for shipment. I have been dropping off all my merchandise to Fedex stores or any locations in my area since 2008. I never asked them to pick up my shipment.

I have receipts of all my transaction. The tracking information will also reveal that the items were always dropped off in their locations. Fedex's courtesy quote is not only estimated but is also a bait and switch tactic with hidden charges. Another issue with Fedex is the ground and home delivery.

Their system will flag that the address is a residential even when it is a business. Calling customer service is just a waste of time. Better to get in front of a mirror and talk to yourself. Fedex's Actual charge is way beyond their courtesy quote.

I found out that they overcharged me between $3-$4 per item that I have shipped since 2008. I was so *** to trust their courtesy quote and believed that because I am an ebay and amazon seller, I was also getting a volume discount. Volume discount is a BS! I will never use Fedex to ship any item anymore, and I will never do business with any seller who uses Fedex.

I hate FEDEX with all my might, mind, and heart! This kind of business practice is unfair, deceitful and should not exist in America.

to jezi #838273

100% true. We are currently a gold power seller and will be platinum by the end of the year.

We swapped from UPS to FEDEX because the quoted price on the label calculator at the time of shipping was significantly lower. Didn't check the invoice for several months. Finally did (because I had a local fedex and ups salesman calling on me) and lo-and-behold, over 90% of my FEDEX shipments were being upcharged by either ebay (they blame fedex) or fedex (they won't talk to me because its an ebay account). Literally, the old bait-n-switch.

The only way to compare the charges is to look at my invoice (120 pages) and compare it to my "label" summary page, where you can see the quoted amount. Its a SCAM, Ebay knows about it and is doing nothing. Fedex is also doing nothing. Both are profiting from my shipping, which just costs me more and more of the profit I might make on any given item.

Going back to shipping from my own off-ebay site. Its a little more work, but worth it.

Lost a lot of respect for Ebay today. Very disappointed.


I was shot with the same game. The estimate given for an international shipment was 98$ and they charged my 170$.

I hope some one sues the Fedex where they run out of busienss.

to James Merced, California, United States #789569

It just happened to me today. I been using Fedex all this time and never know they have hiden fee.

Maybe i been paying so much for all the past shipping i did. No wonder i always feel something is not right. So f**Ken ***, for real. The estimate cost was $49, when the package went through-fedex charge my account $73.

What F**K? I will call them tomorrow and make a complain to whoever pick up the phone.


I've been noticing this same thing for the last couple of months. The package I shipped by FedEx Ground was supposed to cost $9.20, according to their online estimate. Actual cost: $12.38.

to Josh Hemminger #578142

Same thing happened to me. I was supposed to be charged $35 for overnight shipping, but was charged $55 on my credit card 2 weeks later.

I called my credit card company to complain and they adjusted my bill back to $35. A few weeks later Fedex sends me a bill for the $20 difference my credit card company adjusted. When I call up Fedex to ask them inquire why they billed me the difference of $20, they said that their quoted prices are estimated and written on their website. I told the Fedex customer service representative I would understand if the charge was 10-15% more but a 57% hike was insane and I would never have used them if I known this would happen.

They offered to waive the charge as a one time courtesy since I have an account with them. I took their offer but that is the last time I'll ever charge a shipment to my Fedex account.

I'll pay with cash and if Fedex figures out they lost out on the shipment, too bad as there won't be a credit card to bill. I hope more people do this as Fedex should manage their fuel and shipment costs better

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