I am a manufacturer and use Fedex to ship our packages and drop ship fir some of our customers. It's a flawed system that uses independent contractors and have no loyalty to Fedex.

Drivers attitudes are poor, they complain about Fedex constantly. Today I waited all day for a package to be delivered, it's now 9pm and cs finally admitted that the driver must have blown off my stop and never bothered to update the data so it still shows my package out for delivery. Fedex cs in a foreign country gave me inconsistent updates, one cs told me the package did not exist and then hung up on me.

My rep calls constantly looking for more work, their trucks are empty when they come each day for drop offs and pickups. Now I understand why and I will be looking at UPS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

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I'm also in Willi, and recently had 2 bad experiences with Fedex. In November, I waited all day for a package that required a signature.

After 8 p.m., the website tracking said that they'd tried to deliver, but no one was home (I was, they didn't.) 2 weeks later, same situation. This time website said they'd delivered when they hadn't.

Phoning them revealed they'd delivered to the wrong address! Horrible!

Gloucester, Massachusetts, United States #382023

Please contact me at ashleighcampbell@ups.com, I will be more than happy to get you connected to a UPS sales person in your area to get you the level of service you and your company deserve.


PLEASE do yourself a favor and switch to UPS. MUCH BETTER service, customer service is a little better at minimum, and they WROTE THE BOOK on logistics.

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