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I did eventually get my package on 8/10/11 at around 10am. It did not change my mind about the situation nor the company itself.

I was promised that package on the 9th (which they FAILED to deliver because they did not wait for someone to answer a door) and on top of everything else like being abused by a overly religious person, being treated as if I just fell off the turnip truck, The lack of customer service plus ALL of the lies told to me by the majority of FedEx the company (I will disclude the gentlemen who was able to give me some type of help even though he was across the US and the nice ladies at the corporate office) they can not be erased because they finially delivered a package a day late. I\'ve already informed the company that had shipped via FedEx they lost a valuable customer and I will never EVER use FedEx again and will suggest to EVERYONE to NEVER use them either.

Original review posted by user Aug 09, 2011

I was supose to recieve my package today (8/9/11) before 7pm. So I had someone to wait to sign for my package. 3pm rolls around they come and leave within seconds of getting there. There's no way the driver drove up knocked on the door waited 2-3 minutes like they are supose to then put a door tag on and leave. I had someone waiting for the package, they heard the knock and by the time they got to the door (which was less than a minute) and the driver was off.

Once I called to complain about this, the first customer service rep tells me that I can't say 'what the ***' because of religious reasons then puts me on hold to speak with a manager knowing that all managers were in a group meeting at the time. How do I know they were in a meeting? Cause I called back and spoke with someone else about it and they informed me that all management for my area were in a meeting and they weren't sure when they would be out (at this point they found a manager/supervisor on the otherside of the USA that could possibly help me). Once I tell the guy (who was actually nice and understood my delema) what happened and how I was very upset he paitently listened to me and told me he would call back with the manager in my area. And mentioned that they could possilby get my package to me this same day by speaking with the dispach. I could tell he was placating me that's fine whatever. At least this guy was willing to do that much.

So the supervisor from across the USA calls back and puts the manager in my area on through the phone with me. The manager in my area tries to over talk me, didn't care about the insident prior to speaking with him and then INSISTS that he was with the driver that came to my house to deliver my package.

Seriously? What manager of FedEx goes out with the drivers? I was just told moments before hand that this 'manager' was in a meeting. The driver was at my house at 3pm I called at 3:30pm, spoke to the 'Manager' who went with the driver at around 4-4:30pm. I was told by ALL the customer service reps that the driver for my area would not be back until after 5pm.

I can't believe the type of treatment I've gotten. It's got to be the WORST treatment EVER.

I've put a complaint at the corporate office as well as on here because FedEx needs a wake up call. Your customer care is terrible, you KNOW your going to deal with customers who are naturally upset. It's your JOB to make sure the upset customers calm down and some type of solution can be found AFTER the customer is not as upset. Customer Service is about helping a customer and to meet somewhere in the middle between the merchant and the consumer. It is NOT your job to add religious aspects, talk over, or rudely lie to customers about situations.

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FedEx was the one that stated to me on the various phone calls I had made to the company. This list includeds ALL managment, every CSR, AND the corporate office I had spoken with.

They all stated that the driver is to wait up to 2-3 mins before issuing a note on the door to let them know that they were there. So Correcto, What is a person supose to think? Sure drivers can't wait too long simply because they do have MANY stops to do. But the driver literally stopped knocked on the door and had to have left an already filled out (uncorrectly) door tab thingie got back in his truck and didn't bother to look back.

If they did they would have seen someone at the door. AND if you actually read my complaint it's not the only fact that they didn't bother to wait it was an accumulation of many factors such as the service I was given was absolutely uncalled for.


You have lost your mind if you think they are supposed to wait 2-3 minutes....***. You are not their only stop.

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