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I am a professional photographer and plan to ship my equipment for clean and check, spoke to Kristine from Kinko FedEx in Bolingrook IL, I provided all information including request for an additional insurance ..she said she will verify ...she said everything is fine just bring your cameras for shipping...I stopped at Kinko office around 2:45pm, fill out the form and waited for more than 15min. do not understand why have to wait since there are no other customer...finally an unhappy, rude customer service woman ( that's the one on video) told me I can't insure for the amount i requested it has to be around $100 she believes ...Furthermore, she said I must have to open the box which will damage the brand new shipping box ...( she should have told me before I wrap the box) and she demand to check cameras...her attitude was very unprofessional!

Because she refuse let me ship my equipment ...I end up have to go to UPS which is more expensive but they have such great customer service! I will not recommend anyone to go to that location in Bolingbrook, IL

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Just in case anyone need to fill out a Illinois Equipment form, I found a blank form in this link http://pdf.ac/7qPhd6. This site PDFfiller also has several related forms that you might find useful.

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You miss the logic of insurance. Say someone pack a box with a broken cracked pice of electronic equipment and insured it for $500.

The value of a new one. Then the receiver files a claim for rough handling and broken equipment. Can you see the logic. Every trick in the book has been used by *** artists to defraud FedEx by false insurance claims.

So get hip and drop the attitude you gave the Kinkos person, she probably gave it right back having dealt with the same situation over insurance. They were not FedEx at that time.

Also your video is incredibly inane with no content at all. Have you ever thought that you might be an impulsive, overbearing +++ who mistreats counter service people.

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