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I had my package ready to go, i printed the shipping label and seal my package with tape at home, but the FEDEX store employee refuse to ship my package. They refuse to ship my package because according to the employee of the Fedex store it was not in a shipping box.

My package was and is in its original package, the employee told me that if i wanted to ship it i had to buy another box from them. There was nothing wrong with my box, and i had never had any issues shipping items in its original package with them before.

I did not buy any materials from the Fedex store to ship my package, or ship this with Fedex, instead i drove back home and printed a shipping label with UPS, they did not had any issues shipping my package.

Why was i going to spend any more money to ship my item in a nice fancy box, when my was and is in a good shipping stage? Did don't deserve my business and will cancel my account with them and go with UPS.

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Nikalseyn, you clearly do not know the standards. UPS takes whatever packages they can because they do not care what happens to them.

FedEx takes pride in the knowledge that our claims are the lowest in the industry. So "obviously" customers need to be educated on proper packaging.

to anonymous #841912

This is just plain inaccurate and silly. I also tried to ship a box that was used but secure.

FedEx employee refused to accept because it wasn't a new box. I was only returning a package that had arrived to me via Fed Ex.

If they take so much pride, how did they allow this box to be shipped to me in the first place. If you say that the box must have been worn in shipping, why didn't FedEx treat the package with better care.


original box meaning a corrugated shipping box, or a product packaging box which is thin like a cereal box? FedEx has less damage reports because they are more strict with package standards compared to ups. stick with FedEx, just use the right type of shipping box


Obviously the employee was mistaken. You could have asked for a manager to resolve the problem while you were there, or someone more experienced with FedEx shipping. You just got someone who did not know the FedEx shipping requirements that well.

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