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I recently moved across the country and wanted to do something special for my Bridesmaids invitations since I couldnt ask them in person over lunch or something. So I painted and decorated 6 cigar boxes in my wedding colors, personalized each box for each girl, had shirts custom embroidered for each girl and included all sorts of cute stuff in the cigar box. The whole thing took 2 months to complete and when the time came to send them out I was SOOO excited!!

I purchased Home Delivery and paid extra for 'Date Certain Delivery' so that each girl got their invitations on the same day (about $100 for all of the packages). I even confirmed that the packages could be left at the door in the event that the girls were not home. So the day of delivery arrived, Saturday December 3rd, and I received phone calls from everyone except one of my Maids of Honor (I have two).

She got a note on the door stating that they could not deliver because she was not home and that next attempt would be TUESDAY. I called Fedex immediately and told them to leave the package at the door and requested that they attempt again on Monday- I was told Monday would be IMPOSSIBLE because Home Delivery is closed on Mondays. I asked to switch the package to an Express package, which is open on Monday. She said all Home Delivery packages are kept at a different facility and that NO ONE could gain access to the package until TUESDAY because home delivery is CLOSED on MONDAY. I said 'okay whatever. please make sure that they leave package at the door on Tuesday. and if the driver has any concerns or questions she can call me at _____" They added that note to the package information

I called my friend back and told her that next attempt would be Tuesday, just like it says on the slip, and that they would leave package at the door. She said 'ok, so on Tuesday I will leave the signed slip on the door'

So what happens? They attempt DELIVERY on MONDAY!!!!! Which apparently counts as a "second attempt" despite the fact that we were all told that it wouldn't happen until TUESDAY. Oh but they couldnt leave the package at the door because the slip was not on the door- well no sh*t- why would she have done that on Monday when it was supposed to be Tuesday.

So Tuesday comes and my friend signs both slips and leaves them on the door. The driver still REFUSES to leave the package at the door (never mind that my friend lives in a safe gated community). And didnt even call me to confirm. My friend received another note on the door stating that they would attempt again on Wednesday.

So again on Tuesday I called and found out that the case had been closed on the note where I requested a call in the event that there was an issue with delivery. They reopened the case and I was also told that delivery would be attempted again on Wednesday, just like it said on the slip my friend received earlier that day.

So Wednesday comes and I called in the afternoon (before east coast shuts down) and I'm told that there would NOT BE ANOTHER ATTEMPT, because there had already been THREE ATTEMPTS. (Saturday, Monday, Tuesday). WTF!!

Saturday- you were supposed to leave it at the door in the first place

Monday- we didnt know there would be a delivery attempt so didnt leave the slip on the door. (isnt home delivery closed on Mondays?)

Tuesday- refused to leave package at the door and did not call me as requested.

I argued that Monday shouldn't count against us because we were told it would be on Tuesday. So why would she leave a slip on the door Monday? They also said that FedEx does not leave packages at apartment doors? REALLY? Cause all of the SIX PACKAGES were for apartments and this is the ONLY ONE that they are refusing to leave at the door.

Its BULLSH*T! My friend is now going to have to drive an hour to the factory and an hour back to go pick up her Maid of Honor Invitation. I am so mad! This was supposed to be a gift- that I worked really hard on- not an inconvenience for her.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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