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In march of this year a Fed Ex driver ran into my house causing over 3000.00 worth of damage. When I called the company they wanted two separate quotes which I provided.

I did not get response so I had to call them back they told me they would get someone to my house for an estimate, nothing happened for another month when I had to call again. they gave me the number for the appraisal office which I called. The appraisal office then told me they would send someone out. After waiting a month I called them again they finally came out.

They asked me which estimate I would like to use, I told them it does not matter I just wanted to get the work done it had been almost four months since the incident. They contacted one of the contractors and told him to do the work, he came and did the work. Fed Ex sent me a check for 1300.00 for the 3000.00 bill. I called the appraisal company they would not return my many calls.

I called Fed Ex for claims they do not return my calls.

This is the worst company I have ever delt with the least they could do is send an estimate with their check so that I could contact a lawyer "Relax it Fed Ex" LOL more like "Relax so we can stick it to ya" thanks Fed Ex, word of advice, don't hire your drivers out of the local tavern.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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