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I was charged $61.00 to ship a package less than 1 pound across the country. When I called fedex to complain about the outrageous charges, I was informed that if they aren't told how to ship a package it automatically goes "OVER NIGHT AIR" now for the good part.

The package was pickup on 2/15/2012 and it did not deliver until 2/20/2012. I realize I'm old and probably senile but someone explain why over night air takes 4 days. I know I'm old school but even in this new world 4 days couldn't possibly mean "OVERNIGHT" could it????


your despicable and deplorable practice of ripping off new customers not familiar with your ground shipping rules has not gone unnoticed. A phone call to one of your reps.did nothing to satisfy my complaint.

Rest assured that no one in this household will ever again use your services, neither will I make any purchases that specifically require your services. In a time when our nation is in such a recession and people such as I have to pinch every penny possible it would be nice, no, refreshing that corporate greed would take into consideration that some of us trying to live on Social Security are having an extremely hard time.

Thank you Fedex for reassuring me that GREED is alive and well in America. Ruben Owen

Monetary Loss: $50.

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sent a parcel to china for 265 AUS dollars, customs wouldn't let it in because of wrong paperwork.

FedEx wants $1125 to return it from customs, cause apparently they are the only ones who can get it from Chinese customs!

What a bunch of ***!

ill never use them when i start my business!...thats for sure!

Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom #914259

I purchased a wing camera for model aircraft from Hong Kong, total purchase price with Postage Via Fed-Ex $36.

My bill for customs plus Fed-Ex Custom Handling fee came to $30 of which about $16:50 was they'r e"handling charge".

When I forgot to forward the amount I received a letter threatening me with legal action to recover the funds!

Will I be using Fed-Ex again?


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