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I backed something from Kickstarter, It was declared as reward, and non retail nor commercial product declared value $100

It is a headset and probably a t-shirt.

FEDEX / RPX INDONESIA They charged me $50 at first, quite high it is 50% of the declared value. I transfered the payment to their bank account understanding these are the amount of custom fee and their brokerage fee. Then I heard nothing. They finally notify me after I inquired it, it turned out that my kickstarter reward went through red line in custom, they then adjust the invoice based on the product they saw on EBAY--disregarding the letter declaring that this package is a kickstarter REWARD and decide the value of my kickstarter reward is $350 like the one on EBAY.

Yes they charged me all these above,

handling fee,

import fee,

warehouse fee,

Bank fee

and all these fee add up to $220.

I have checked FEDEX Indonesia and RPX logistic website for any information regarding terms of condition for custom clearance brokerage. NO EXPLANATION FOUND. So no reference whatsoever on what the are procedures of custom process and surcharges. SO, I can't imagine what all this ridiculous charges are for other than to rip me off. Well now basically Either I pay or not pay more they already rip me off.

SO yes don't ever use FEDEX for anything delivered from abroad TO Indonesia.

this is what FEDEX / RPX INDONESIA does which is very profitable business model: They sell the stuff they were paid to deliver to the people they suppose to deliver it.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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yes i think the HQ fedex need to be notified about this. Tried DHL dan Fedex to purchase product from China and DHL was troublefree while fedex was trouble some.

So many undisclosed fee which should have alrd been included in the freight.

Admin fee, bank charges, handling fee, warehouse fee.


Why should we pay for it?

in DHL i just pay the duty and everything is resolved.

i will never use fedex anymore.

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