I ordered two items for my husband for Christmas this year. The items came on separate days.

I can not see if anyone pulls into my driveway. FedEx delivered the packages, walked into my opened garage laid the boxes down and left. They did not knock or come to my front door. My husband found the packages and opened them to see what had been left.

So now my husband knows what he is getting for Christmas.

Even if they had left the packges at the front door there would have been a chance I would have found them before my husband. And even if my garage door was opened, no one should walk into it, that is like just walking into my house.

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At least you got your items. I waited around all day today for my order and literally sat by the window (not joking) from 9 A.M until 7:30 P.M just WAITING for my package that was due to arrive "Before 7:00 P.M" that had a DELIVERY EXCEPTION.

Now I guess my Christmas Eve day is ruined and I have to wait around again all day tomorrow and not leave the house. I would be thankful that they at least took the time to put your packages somewhere safe!

My UPS man knows to always put my boxes inside my garage because it's safer that way. No one can see them and steal them that way.


At least you received your package. I expected mine yesterday and now they can't find it!

What a mess.


Good grief!! They were trying to do you a favour by leaving them in a dry place in case of bad weather and to make them not visible to others.

So, your husband knows what he is getting for christmas.

If he is so delicate he has to wait for christmas to open a package, then you two deserve each other. Stop your whining and get on with life.

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