I paid FEDEX $588 to deliver a time critical set of original documents by close of business the next day using same day shipping. FEDEX was unable to deliver.

The service center and manager blamed it on Continental Airlines and a delayed flight. I paid FEDEX to perform the taks and therefore hold FEDEX responsible. I expect a credible business to find a way to uphold its end of the contract by finding another carrier or utlizing outside resources such as USPS. FEDEX did not attempt to find an alternative means to deliver the package.

They attempted to have it delivered on the following day, Saturday; the receiving office would not be available until Monday and the deadline missed. The service manager offered to return the original documents and tried to further bill me to have them returned. FEDEX is now sending the envelope back via regular mail. The charges have still not been returned.

Had I been told originally that the service and time quote provided were based on a single point plan, I wouldn't been informed enough to make alternate arrangements and drive the documents the 828 miles myself.

I sent them because I trusted FEDEX. Never again with something so improtant.

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Santa Cruz, California, United States #789310

My package was quoted as being there 2:30 this morning EST. It is now 2:00 pm and they still cannot find the package.

I paid $680. The last place they traced it was Chicago and they are "GUESSING" it "COULD BE" on the next flight into Rochester at 4:00 pm and the new delivery time to get it to my customer is 10:00 pm tonight. Same day? GET CONTROL OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

My whole career is meeting tight deadlines and shipping.

They lost a very good potential customer for life! Stick with Fed Ex priority early morning.


FedEx Sameday is not part of FedEx at all. It's outsourced to a company called, "Network Global Logistics".


Horrible, never trust them. I am still trying to find status of my documents after 12 hours of planned delievery time. Fedex is blaming United in my case.

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