I share part of my driveway with my neighbor, but the addresses of both houses are clearly marked. The vendor indicated I'd received a package, but I hadn't.

After studying the time/date, I determined I was at home, so FedEx must have delivered my package to my neighbor. When I told FedEx, they denied it and refused to pick it up. The vendor reshipped my items, but I didn't get the merchandise in the first box until my neighbor returned almost a month later.

Then, I had to return that merchandise to the vendor. I will never ship nor receive items from Fedex again.

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If, as you say, you share a driveway...why didn't you simply walk over and check your neighbors place? This is common sense.

Perhaps you need to reevaluate just how clearly your home is marked.

Can it be seen at night, in the rain, from a moving vehicle? If so, then remember, couriers are human like you and do make mistakes.


You where really to lazy to walk to your neighbors and get. Sorry but your a ***.

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