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I went in to a shipping service in my area to send a document FedEx Priority Overnight to my aunt in Dallas, Texas. I wanted to make life easier for her so I even paid for the return sticker and stuck it to another Priority Overnight return envelope back to me.

After the document and enclosed check was ready for pick-up I called the FedEx 800 number and scheduled a pick-up on Thursday so I would have it in my hands Friday morning. I was asked for the telephone number, then zipcode of pick-up. The gentleman asked how I wished to pay for the package. I explained to him that I had already paid for it and the return label and envelope had been enclosed in envelope that I had sent earlier so all that had to be done was to have a driver pick it up. I asked if he would like the Tracking # or Package ID#. I was told it was not necessary...

I received a call from my aunt that FedEx never came to pick up the envelope. I called the FedEx 800 number again and explained that the my envelope had never been picked up. I was asked for my pick-up #, which I gave to her. I was told by the young lady that when the driver showed up he was told that there wasn't any such package for pick up at that address. She then read off an address that WAS NOT my aunt's. I told her that was not the address. She then used the telephone number to verify we were speaking about the correct pick-up. The telephone number WAS correct but the ADDRESS the driver was sent to WAS NOT!

After speaking to someone further up on the "food chain" with a fancy title I was told that the only thing that could be done was to schedule a pick-up for tomorrow, Friday. Wow, what great customer service! One problem, with a Friday pick-up for a Priority Overnight will place the envelope in my hands on Saturday and I am unable to hand deliver it to the individual it was intended for because their office is CLOSED ON SATURDAY!

When I told the higher-up on the "food chain" with the fancy title that I wanted a letter from FedEx admitting their screw-up I was told that the only thing the letter would say was that an attempt was made to pick a Priority Overnight envelope was made at the address they had in the FedEx system!!! No admission of their screw-up, just the "facts" as they show it.

My intention this evening is to search out every last customer complaint website on the Internet and cut and paste just what I have written here, and tomorrow tell anyone and everyone that FedEx not only screwed up and dropped the ball but can't even own up to it!

Do I really believe that anything that I do or say will bring FedEx to a screeching halt - no, but with the way American's are viewing large corporations and how they do business on a day-to-day basis perhaps knowing that people just may not think of FedEx as their first choice for their shipping needs might make someone sit up and take notice in the "ivory tower."

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seems any anymore all person mean nothing just Companies w ho rip people off anymore they say one thing and do something else

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