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Placed an order with Amazon. Two packages and unknown to me one shipped Fedex ground and one Fedex air.

Fedex air arrived 2:37 on 1/3/13 and was accepted at door. Checked tracking which showed both packages delivered. Called Fedex and told one delivered at 2:37 and one at 2:47. We told them the one package not received.

After more phone calls we found out one was ground and one air...we received the one by air. The one by ground was to have been delivered by a different truck. The local office checked with the driver and he said he tied it to the mailbox. The mail box is 1/4mile from the house AND the tracking info said it was left at the door.

When Fedex called back to say they had tied it to the mailbx they had gone back and picked it back up. They said they couldn't go to the door and did we want it back tied to the mailbox AND by the way there was a lot of mail in the mailbox. What gives Fedex the right to look in the mailbox? Why does tracking say delivered to door step when the package is 1/4 mile away?

Why does Fedex air deliver to the door and ground tie it 1/4 mile away? This company is confused and wasteful in their practices.

We are incensed they would inspect our mail. Their response was they would bring the package back and again tie it to the mailbox and Fedex air and ground operate by different rules..

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Livonia, Michigan, United States #649395

Two completely separate companies, they share PART of a name and operate independantly

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