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I ordered a laptop from HP. It was expensive and fully loaded. They shipped it fedex (that was the only option, free fedex shipping). I thought, wow, I've never had anything shipped fedex before!

I still havn't. They shipped it to the wrong address. In the wrong city. Fourty-five miles away.

I only learned this after getting off the phone with HP. When I called FedEx (at 7p my time) I gave them my tracking number, and they told me it was delivered to [my address]. I said no it wasn't, and asked where it was delivered to. They told again [my address] and said it was signed by [someone].

I told them I'm looking at their signature online, and I have no idea who this person is.

Anyway, I proceed to threaten with [forget it], and was hung up on.

I call HP. They look up the signature/ delivery card online (using their account number) and discover it was delivered to [address] [my town]. While on hold, I google it (duh) and find out there is no [street name] in [my town] but there is in [town 45 miles away]... ahem.

Well. How did this happen? Isn't every package scanned every time it moves?

I'm calling the fedex store tomorrow. I've already did an reverse lookup on the delivery address and called the [yes, it was a STORE they delivered to] and informed them of the situation. When I call the fedex store, I'm going to tell them I want my package no later than 9pm tomorrow.

I don't care how they get it. If they don't, I will. Fedex will pay me for this "mixup" and if it turns out HP somehow mixed something up in the barcode, I will demand they send me some upgraded parts .

Anyway, I'm livid, I should have gone to sleep ten minutes ago, and my F#C*$N laptop is at some strangers place!!!

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Dont fell bad they did it with my new phone to only its several hundred miles away from me and mia fedex shows it as delivere but to no address and no. Signature But they refuse to admit that they messed up and great. Word for human check here pus4y

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