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We recently ordered a computer and monitor from Dell, with whom we have dealt with successfully on several previous occasions. This time, however, appears to be the exception.

Even though our address and all shipping and billing information is reflected correctly on the Dell Web site, Fedex has shipped my merchandise to "Oak Harbor MX" (MX is the international postal code for Mexico!), rather than to Oak Harbor, WA, our correct address. The Fedex tracking site originally showed an estimated delivery date of July 24; however, the packages naturally never arrived, and Fedex simply removed the estimated delivery date from the tracking page, with no further explanation.

Now, all we get from Dell is "it's a Fedex problem," and from Fedex "If it doesn't arrive by July 28, call us." Baloney. Once those boxes crossed the border, they're probably gone forever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Did you ever get the PC? My PC also shows MX after my hometown!!!


I have the same issue too.I just ordered a computer from dell, which it shipped in 3 packages.I received one pkg with the correct destination.The other 2 had M.X. in their destination.I then contacted fed Ex to find out what was going on.They said my pkg's were still going to my address.The fed ex agent told me that dell deals some of its items through mexico.Sounds fishy to me.My situation is still pending at this time.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #170549

hmm..sounds like it never shipped at all


That's an interesting one. Fedex doesn't create the labels though, Dell would have done that.

There's no such place as Oak Harbor, Mexico anyway. (Their town names tend to be in Spanish, lol)

Sounds like an extreme case of misrouting. Either way though, don't let Dell give you any issues with collecting a refund, as you are 100% entitled to it if it never shows up.

Heck, you're even entitled to the shipping refund for the package being late. Good luck with that one.

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