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A friend sent us a package with gifts for our new baby. I found it on my porch, no knock or ring of the doorbell.

The box had obviously been tossed around and mishandled as it was quite literally crushed. Thankfully, nothing inside was damaged, but this is still very unacceptable!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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First off, look at the top of the box. It was not packaged properly.

The items inside should not have space to crush down like that. Obviously other packages (possibly heavy ones) will be piled on top. And secondly, note the type of box used. Its a MOVING box, not adequate for shipping.

During the shipping process, the package is touched, moved, and driven many times over.

When you "move", there is less touching and movement. So many people send crappy packages through and don't think they are at fault.

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