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FEDEX is by far the most incompetent company I have ever used!!! I ordered a large item over two weeks ago ( the 23rd) from Overstock.

It was promptly sent out and according to my tracking number was due for delievery on the 26th, only three days after placing my order. I stayed home and waited, and as usual, nothing. Checked my tracking status and they had changed it to the 27th. Again, nothing came that day either.

Checked status again and it showed the item had just reached the station nearest my house on the 29th, and should be here the next day. WTH! Once again nothing came and when I check the tracking status it says "no eatimated delivery date available"

So I contact FEDEX and talk to a woman on Thursday who promises and "gaurantees" it will be here on Monday. Yeah, right.

By this point it has been two weeks since placing my order. Monday evening I call and speak to someone who tells me that there will be someone calling me back within two hours. Around 9pm I get a call from someone who says they cant tell me anything due to the warehouse where my item was last scanned being closed. Well no kidding, thats why I called over 2 hours ago!

So the next morning I call again and speak to the fourth person who passes me on to the fifth person, who tells me my item has been lost and they are tracing it. I should wait another week to hear back from them and see if they can locate it. The point that this was a birthday gift and was needed over a week ago is completely lost on them, they couldnt care less and were extremely rude. They lost my item ( which was over $200) and are telling me they are sorry but theres nothing more they can do.

After 14 days if they item isnt found I can file a claim with them. Well Ive read things enough to know filing a claim with FeDex is a total waste of time. They lose your item and give you the run around for days and pass you around to avoid telling you the truth and all you get is an "oops, sorry." Thats such BS. So I called Overstock and told them what happened and within 2 minutes have a new item being shipped upon verifiying FeDex lost my item.

Now thats what I call customer service! FeDex is the absolute worst. You pay for an item, count on it arriving and all they do is lie about where its at, then lie more about having lost it, and once they tell finally tell you the truth they are RUDE and basically say too bad, wait longer and maybe we will find it or not.

And dont expect a call from them informing you they lost anything, they couldnt care less. Soooooooo frustrating!!!!!

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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