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Their driver refuse to place packages in a secure area we have asked them to place them in. The shippers both private and companies like Chewy have also asked and complained.

Packages have been stolen and damaged. FedEx refuses to fix the problem. Now the drivers appear to be stealing (claiming packages were delivered that weren't) and intentionally damaging items. One driver backed into the driveway and threw 5 packages from chewy from the back of the truck into the driveway.

He damaged our garage door and it was raining so the merchandise was unusable. The last order we received that was delivered by them was piled in the middle of the driveway to block the cars from coming or going.

If you have a choice DO NOT USE FEDEX. If you find a company uses them refuse to buy from them but make sure that they know why so maybe they will stop using them and you can go back to buying from that company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: I want the drivers reprimanded and to stop this behavior..

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I agree . I avoid using fed ex st all costs . They are the worst delivery company I have ever had to use


Too bad.....


When a pkg. is left by FEDEX in the front of the house on a step, porch, etc.

it is very easy for it to be stolen. As customers, how are we to know a pkg. is left for us when the delivery person does even have the courtesy to ring the doorbell?? We certainly cannot blame the company we ordered from, it is the person delivering the pkg.

that is at fault! I have NEVER received a pkg.

through FEDEX and had the delivery person give me any indication what so ever that the pkg. was left for me!


The solution is to contact the sender of the packages and report damage(s) to packages and/or missing and that you will not be paying for something not received or unusable. Perhaps if the sender knows there is a problem with their delivery method they will switch to another.

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