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Fedex should just close and leave the home delivery to DHL and UPS. I was supposed to receive a package today but it never came.

I checked the website and it came up as "delivery exception" "customer not available or business closed". This was supposedly at 2:24pm. Well I was home from 1 pm on. So the not home excuse is garbage.

Plus, the delivery I was getting, comes from a company that drop ships. So it wouldn't have even mattered if I was home or not. The package should have been left at my door. This is the third time in less than 1 year that Fedex has screwed me.

First was in August when I didn't get my delivery but the website showed it was delivered. Long story short, the person that they really delivered it to, was king enough to drop it off to me about 5 days after the fact. Then just this past January same situation. Delivered it to the wrong house and the other home owner delivered it to me several days later.

I actually spoke to this gentleman. He lives two blocks away and his house number does not match mine. So the wonderful Fedex driver delivered my package to whomever he *** well pleased. Both times I called Fedex and both times they tried saying that it was my fault.

I really wish that companies would stop using this worthless company to deliver their goods. The entire company needs a major overhaul. UPS has never screwed me. Not even once.

I wish that Fedex would just disappear. Please

Product or Service Mentioned: Fedex Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Hey "self centered a holes" I guess we struck a nerve. Sorry that the company you decided to work for is in such horrible shape.

And while reading your comment there is no way you do not work for FedEx. Firstly my house is clearly numbered. I have 6" numbers that are placed on my home about one foot from the front door. And the front door is only 20 feet from the street.

Stevie Wonder could identify my house number. Just in case you do not know who Stevie Wonder is he is a blind song writer/singer. I do believe that the warehouse that keeps dropping the ball is an outsourced business. Regardless if my money goes to FedEx my delivery deserves the same attention as if it was shipped from a legitimate FedEx location.

Your comment is ***, belligerent, and I could only hope that FedEx would lay you off. Simply put, FedEx sucks, while UPS Rocks the house.


you are all losers. get numbers on your house and you wont have that problem.

also, just cuz you see a truck that says fedex on it doesnt mean your package on it. there are like 5 common fedex, ground, freigh, custom critical and home delivery. all operating as separate entities. different employee, trucks and locations.

i really wish they would get rid of all of them except express. Thats the genuine and original company. the others are companies fedex has bought and out there name on. Such as Fedex ground was RPS.

still have many of the employees from there. they are a joke. also even if your package is on that particular truck, it doesnt mean its going to stop. they have to deliver packages with higher service levels first.

they can pass you several times before they deliver to you. you people are so f"im ignorant


My good friend Tom Hanks had the same problem, he was left waiting and waiting and waiting and....


I hate Fed Ex. I have never ever had a problem with UPS. I was suppose to have a package delivered on Friday. No delivery, so I called, they said its on the truck. Once again no delivery. Saturday same *** it's on the truck. No delivery. Just to find out that the driver has been leaving a note on my neighbors door. My address is clearly, clearly on the front of my house. Today 4 days later I feel like I should have been a priority as far as delivery but no they keep jerking me around saying the same ***,,its on the truck for delivery, The same *** they have been telling me since Friday.

They need to contact the office, contact the driver and get me my package ASAP.

So *** frustrated right now. Just beware of Fed Ex I hear they do the same with packages that require no signature, my neighbor has had to deliver packages 3 times to other address's that Fed Ex has left on his door steps. Just think if he wasnt honest.



FedEx in Columbia, Missouri does this all the time -- makes no effort to deliver and then reports customer not available. Today I waited on street in front of my building to make sure FedEx would have no excuse to not deliver.

The truck drove right on by and never even stopped.

They will tell me to pick up my packages from their office. FedEx drivers in Columbia MO are LIARS and BUMS.

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