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First of all, I had options, I decided to go with FedEx, that was a mistake. I traveled to Toronto, Ontario, on December 20th, a drive that took me two hours due to road conditions.

Upon arriving, I saw and spoke with the delivery guy who just could not wait two seconds for my package, never mind that none of the items he had in his bin had been batched. Too bad for me. One rep at the counter said the next stop was open until 9:00' another said, no, 7:30' so they decided to call their own customer service - a call that was placed twice and took 15 minutes each time and I thought it was incredible if they had no other way to verify information other than call for each customer, meanwhile, because of the wait I missed the guy at the next stop on Lakeshore Drive so, I drove on to the airport location at Bramalea and Derry. Well, it was supposedly on time, I was told not to worry and that was four days ago.

I now have a child who will not receive her Christmas present on time, thanks to FedEx. The connecting flight is at 7:00 am tomorrow morning and they don't open until 8:30 am. So thanks for nothing. Oh, and did I mention that the destination was Newfoundland and Labrador, a Canadian province?

According to FedEx, that makes it "International" within the same country.

Trusting them to ship something important when they don't even know the geography should have been my "aha, walk away" moment but I had had faith and I feel duped and ripped off. Boo to FedEx.

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