This is the biggest most illogical shipping experience I have ever had. They ( the USPS ) supposedly could not deliver a 7lb package to my home ( if they ever even tried since neither my normal carrier or I ever saw this thing) then and absolutley no one, the carrier, the clerks, the supervisors, no one at the USPS knows why they did not deliver it or where it is at. It now is over a week since it was shipped - they had it in less than 2 biz days and never delivered it to me but are sending it back with no notations or reasons as to why listed in the tracking ... this is insane - I hope the fed sells this mess to private industry like Fedex or some thing else that offers a legit service - NO ONE at the USPS really even cares about it or if I ever do business with them again ( they are a monopoly right?), 2 clerks were talking to each other when I walked in with no one else in their location or lines and "they didn't have time to help me" and of course they could not get rid of me fast enough. I have over 1.5 hours in this thing already.

Here is the run down for today ....

Just a quick update on this for your future reference in using that service into the Prescott, Arizona area.

I went by my retail public PV USPS location to see if by chance it was there ( I also have a PO Box there and it might have some how been sent there), it was not sent there, they had no time to help me and sent me over to the "Annex".

At the Annex they were completely confused but the lady behind the counter did give a try at trying to find out what was going on ( that amounted to going back to the desk area of the rural carrier and attempting to determine if the item was there, was ever there or if it has been mis- sent elsewhere) she had no idea or answer so will ask the contract rural carrier tomorrow ( maybe ?) I had already spoke with that person out on the street the day before and she knew nothing of the package and was going to go look for it and let me know ( heard nothing from her yet either) ... oh ps they wanted a unique USPS shipping number not the FedEx one I was given in the email and so that of course gave them room to " not be able to tell me where it was at" but according to this clerk there was no legit reason why I should not have gotten it either at my home address or at even the PO Box location if one of their handlers got confused.

Went by the local FedEx retail shipping resource next and they were totally pro and helpful but they said there is nothing they can do once it goes into the USPS it is totally out of their control and they can not and will not get it back from them.

When I got back home I checked the FedEx tracking system and for two days now the USPS ( or someone ) is entering it as just having been sent on the way back to the shipper ( how can you do that 2 days in a row from the same location?)

Monetary Loss: $275.

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