It is amazing how a company that says it will only take 2 to 3 days to ship a package is now taking almost a week to do so. I also love how they use the Fedex name but yet when you call the fedex customer service they treat you like a *** and tell you that you have to call another division of the company that they are not affiliated with.

they give you a phone number an then tell you that they are only open certian times and then you have to hope that they are open when you call. thi company is a waste of time and when I place orders in the future if i even have the remote feeling that they will be involved i will cancel my order and go with a company that has a shipping company that knows what they are doing and not StupidPost

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It is a FedEx product, and a FedEx problem. People will not make a distinction, just develop an aversion to FedEx. ...and not long after, the retailers that use it (SmartPost).


The thing you have to realize about FedEx is they're not like UPS or USPS. There are independent office/branches for FedEx.

Its like a Shell/BP station. They pay for the branch affiliation and get the business, but they aren't owned by Shell/BP.

I only use UPS, USPS, and sometime DHL (if I can't use UPS).


I HATE FedEx Smartpost too. Gap has started shipping this way.

Packages used to be delivered in 2-3 days to my address.

Now they arrive in my city in 2-3 days and then I have to wait about a week to receive it from the post office. Very frustrating to know you have something 15 minutes away but can't have it for days.


I also am currently having the same problem. No, I did not try to take it up with the wrong company.

I called 1-800-GOFEDEX as instructed the person on the other end acted as if I bothered her, told me I had to call another number because this is a SmartPost package, and by the way they are only in certain hours. I called back during those hours and was treated to a long message that ended with Smart Post was not answering any calls at this time.

If it has the FedEx name on it, Fedex should be treating everyone as an equal customer. By the way my package was shipped on 12/14/08 and it is now 1/2/09 and I do not have it-but unfortunately no one can answer my question of where it is!

consumer too

It sounds like you shipped a package with Ground or Home Delivery and tried to take up your problem with Express. Think about it this way.

Would you take your Cadillac to Buick or Pontiac for a problem.

They are both under GM, but they are different companies. It's the same thing here FDX is like GM and Express is Cadillac, and Ground is Buick (ok maybe Hundai), but it works the same way.

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