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this new FedEx smart post is the worst!!they don't even tell you they are sending that way.

I had problem with my Kohl's order being dropped off by FedEx to our local post office. One package a couple months ago through amazon never made it here and had to have a refund even though the post office records claim it was delivered. another made late to a P.O. box of my roommate, not me and my address.

now my Christmas order is hovering in the black hole which is our post office and i fear my endless hours shopping online are for nothing as some was already delivered NOT! and others should have already been delivered. I made certain when i placed the order that it would not go through our local post office, it appeared to be UPS and never stated anything USPS. STOP THE SMART POST!!!!

the post office is becoming totally useless to count on anymore.

the only safe way to order i suppose these days is on the phone and requesting absolutely NO SMARTPOST and NO POST OFFICE!!This new system blows!

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Ordered from Kohls never got the package.It was processed, started shipment then just stopped called Kohls I had to wait till 7 days after the last day for delivery to be credited.

Of course that was after I was told to call my Post office and ask where my package is!!


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