I called FedEx Customer Support and the CS was completely useless! I gave her the tracking #, she looked up the details, than she asked to put me on hold.

She comes back and says all she sees is the "shipping label was created"... uh no! I told her I can see that there's a delivery exception notice on FedEx.com and she's like "oh maybe I have missed a #" so I repeated the tracking # and she's like "oh okay now I see it." Like okay?!?! why didn't you ask me that from the start instead of putting me on hold for several minutes and coming back to tell me something made up.

I'm pretty darn sure she had to ask a higher up on how to handle smartpost issues. She then kept saying I can't help you with anything because we no longer have it. And I'm like fine than give me the USPS tracking # and she's like its the same. No missy it's not the same!

USPS tracking doesn't recognize the #. So she says once they hand it off they don't have anything else to do with it...and no wrong again. FedEx Tracking + USPS Tracking (if there is one) both gets updated until final delivery status. She says expected delivery date is tomorrow.

And I'm thinking thanks Sherlock Holmes I can see that BUT it's saying Delivery Exception! If it didn't say that and it was still in transit we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. I don't want my package to be undeliverable because of some false claim that I wasn't available at home or the "business" was closed.

Super pissed off! This is my first time that I've had an issue with FedEx or even smartpost very disappointing!

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