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after getting the package fedex ships it around the country than drops it in a mailbox. the packages take about twice as long to arrive than if they had been mailed usps directly. very frustrating to track your package to eight different points than have it disappear from tracking with fedex telling you they can't say when it will be delivered. this method might save the shipper a few dollars, but in the long run i believe it will cost them...
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Twice I've had to deal with smartpost. Both times was a nightmare. Took forever to arrive with no tracking and even fedex couldn't tell where it was. I had to go from post office to post office and track it myself. Lucky I found it before they where to send it back. They should name it stupidpost. I will never buy from anyone who wants to use this service. I'd rather pay more for shipping and have it sent USPS Priority mail. No more nightmares...
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  • Horrible tracking
Order placed with Amazon on 18 April 2016.Shipped on 20 April by Fedx Smart Post with delivery date of 27 April. No further update until 25 April when I was advised of new delivery date of 3 MAY. Purchased from Golf Tech Warehouse. First and last time I will order from that vendor or any other that uses Fed X Smart Post. Fifteen days for an in- stock item is unacceptable, free or not. I cannot even track the routing on this package. Seems like...
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I didn't like
  • Shipping choice
Optics Planet shipped half of the order which I received and the second half was shipped 10 days later vis FedEx SmartPost. On the USPS leg of SmartPost it was lost and USPS admitted that it was lost. Yet Optics Planet keeps using the tracking number from the first part of the order to identify the shipment. A month and a half later I still have not received my order and Optics Planet refuses to refund my money. I am out $70 and will never...
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I liked
  • Them 2 years ago
I didn't like
  • Item never delivered
  • Customer service