We ordered a Christmas present through Fingerhut well before Christmas. The company guaranteed Christmas delivery with FedEx Smartpost.

Guess what??? The item STILL isn't here and instead of being delivered today (as the most recent update stated), it now says TUESDAY!!!!! I guess the Christmas present may NEVER show up!!! I am so upset and dissapointed. The receiver of the Christmas gift is so sad and if we had known this was going to happen we would have made a different choice for the shipping. To us....GUARANTEED Christmas delivery means GUARANTEED!!!!!

I will NEVER EVER use a company that ships FedEx SmartPost again!!!

FedEx SmartPost......NOTHING SMART ABOUT IT!!!

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I agree, FedEx SmartPost must be alliance between FedEx and USPS to create an even less effective delivery system.I have had multiple issues when packages are sent via FedEx SmartPost..

One time once the package got to the USPS, the USPS wouldn't deliver the package because there was no secure location at my apartment, they ignored the instructions I left with the "We missed you" paper and they wouldn't leave it with the apartment buildings office because it was on a different route(even though both are on the same street). My most recent experience with SmartPost is the USPS delivered my package to the wrong address even though USPS claims that the "Package delivered by U.S.

Postal Service to addressee", addressee being a person when my neighbor says he wasn't home at the time of delivery.Interestingly I have never had a problem with packages shipped with the USPS directly.

Logan, Utah, United States #913353

i agree.I will NEVER EVER use a company that ships FedEx SmartPost again!!!

Package shipped dec 2 now dec 9 Vehicle sitting waiting for parts.Smartpost best way to loose customers ever.


Same for me,Terrible service because no one is really accountable for your package since fedex and usps both are *** :( :(

New York, New York, United States #748297

I Ordered a Nexus 7 2013 ON 11/17/13 (Saturday) and It Said It'll Be Here By 11/26/13 (Saturday) So On 11/26 No Package !Called Them and They Said Its At My Nearest Fed Ex Which Is Literally Like 5-10 Mins Away.

Today is 11/26 (Tuesday) and Still No Fvckingg Package.2 Words: NEVER AGAIN !


I am super pissed.My package is sent out 4/15.

It arrives at my town 4/17.

It's now 4/22 and I have no idea when my package is going to arrive even though I know it's HERE!

S frustrating!


fedex is *** :(


order item online and it shipped April 4...its May 3rd and its still not here..I am currently in Guam so I allowed for a bit of delay, but seriously..1 month and still not here?...Guam is not even considered international mail....i will never again use FEDEX Smartpost....or buy from a place that uses it...


Fedex SmartPost suck big time, got Delivered email notification so i check the tracking and it said "Package delivered by U.S.Postal Service to addressee" well i checked the front door and don't see anything and i check my mail box and don't see anything..

wtf is wrong with this system???

its Saturday right now so i'll have to wait until monday to call them up to see what's up.i hate fedex smartpost


I placed an order on 3/18/12...it shows that this item reached Sacramento, three hours away on the 18th...it sat there until 22nd. And it's now the 28 th and my F****** package is still MIA???


Fedex Smart Post totally sucks.I ordered a lightweight item from Florida.

It arrived in my Fedex Regional sorting facility (about 5 miles from my house) in normal Fedex shipping time. It took over a full week for the item to get from the local sorting center to me making the total shipping time 11 days. For Christ's sakes I could have driven to the sort facility and picked up my item and saved myself a full week of *** from Fedex. Who is the *** at Fedex who decided to call Smart Post a shipping solution?

It isn't a solution to anything.

It is a whole new problem.This is Corporate America stupidity at it's finest.

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