FedEx Smartpost is the worst shipping service available. One shipment took over 3 weeks to arrive after being shipped all over the US.

I recently placed several orders with Amazon.com. Most of those orders were shipped UPS which I received promptly. For some reason two of the orders were sent Smartpost and I've been waiting for over 2 weeks. They say they were "shipped" and were supposed to arrive last week.

The orders have had no additional tracking info so I have no clue where the orders are.

After contacting Amazon.com, I was told to wait another week and contact them again. I may never order from Amazon.com again.

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Always problems with Fedex, they never find my house but is the only carrier with this mythical problem so the always wasting time in phone calls and tracking Fedex warehouses for go there and pickup.

I decided don't use more Fedex at all after the last delivery few years ago was one very expensive musical instrument, one synthesizer complete destroyed for be droped several times and bad handled even with "fragile" labels and the value of the damaged piece of gear was paid back to me for Ebay never for Fedex.


FedEx has forever sullied their name by aligning with themselves with the least efficient, least responsive, least responsible entity in the US Government. Take a great service like Fedex, and completely screw it up by letting local POs lose the packages.

WTF! FedEx Tracking shows my KOHLs package delivered to the local PO on 12/13. They can't find it.

Meanwhile several other packages addressed to my home in the EXACT SAME WAY... have arrived by regular Fedex, DHL, UPS and even another Fedex SmartPost!!!


i paid $12.00 for shipping a small box from Atlanta ( I thought it was coming from the west coast). it took 2 weeks from Atlanta.

i could have driven from NY to atlanta picked up the items continued to Disney for a week and driven home in time to receive their horrible service. Buyer beware!


FedEx Smart Post SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS! I paid for shipping from two different companies and after three weeks I still don't have all my merchandise.

I could understand if the shipping were free, but I am PAYING for a service! It's ridiculous!!


i have been waiting since dec2 for my package it is now in mississippi and has been there for 4 days.. i did not get free shipping i paid 11.00 for it and will now have to go buy antoher gift because i will not get this one when i need it....FED EX SUCKS


Don't blame FedEx, they only handle the transportation, USPS handles the final delivery. Remember, you choose the "free" shipping option, so amazon chooses the least expensive method of delivery.

Smartpost is just that, the least expensive method, even less than USPS first class. So remember, you choose the "free" shipping option, so live with it.


I ordered somethign on 12/3-it was shipped on 12/6....says it arrived at my town post office on 12/9 and to allow 1-2 days for delivery. Well I checked today 12/14 and it says it was shipped from my town post office to another post office about 30 minutes away.

I called the post office and they said they can't sort it, so it went to a sorting station. OMG how *** is that-I'm not in a large town!

And they tell me they can't estimate when I'll get it...then why do they continue to say that I need to allow 1-2 days. This is the worst...I called Coldwater Creek and told them that they need to give people a choice, or I won't be purchasing from them again-it's totally not worth it.


I'm in the same boat. I ordered something a few weeks ago from Amazon and still have not received it.

And when I check the tracking number, there is no info. My item was supposed to arrive last week.

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