On Jahuary 14, 2012; I placed an order with a company which is on the east coast. The shipment was picked up from the vendor location on the 20th and taken clean across the country to California.

The shipment left California on the 26th, and landed in Charlotte, NC. on the 30th. This shipment should have gone to Charlotte in the beginning.

The shortest distance between two distances will always be a straight line. A shipment that should have only taken three or four days, has already taken 17 days as of today January 31, 2012

Still waitin for my shipment.

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I had some similar experiences with SmartPost. FedEx's answer is that it is not time-sensitive and not subject to the same routes as ground. I hate SmartPost, it is the most antiquated way to ship that I've ever heard of.


have been waiting only 7 days did tracking package has been in limbo in northborough ma . since the 19 of march called fed ex and they are not able to say why . what a crock

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