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Ordered clothes from Kohl's for an upcoming trip. Two weeks later the tracked shipment is at Fedex Smartpost on Chino, 20 minutes from my house and is listed as "departed." Two days later, no delivery.

Phone calls to Fedex Smartpost are unanswered. My trip is tomorrow. So, no more online orders from Kohl's from me...or you if you're smart. No orders from any company that uses Fedex Smartpost.

Considering boycotting Fedex as well. X x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x.

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Oh and if you need your pkg. you go to your POST OFFICE. make sure it's the MAIN BRANCH for your area because the post office 4 blaocks away (if it's not the main branch) isn't going to have it.


I'm sorry about your trip but to clear this up a bit, I worked customer service for fedex...well it was a different company but we had a contract with fedex...anyways you get the point. I no longer work there.

Gotta love smartpost. Can't really say much to the customer because that package is now out of our hands. It is the cheapest way to ship a package and I don't blame anybody for taking that option because if i spent like $200 on clothes i aint paying another $40 for it to be shipped. now sometimes the comapny themselves automatically choose smartpost for their customers.

This is what happens. If your tracking number starts 1910 or just 910 it's smartpost, What happens is, fedex gets your package from a daily route meaning we go to kohls everyday or how ever often they set up their account for us to come there. Fedex ships it off and you'll probably see it hit a few states away from you but once we get in YOUR city or around your city we give it to the post office. Get POST. Plug in your tracking number on USPS website and it'll show your tracking info. But when the post office gets it, they usually get it a day or 2 before it's supposed to be delivered but what they do is they have a note on the trk screen that says "please aloow 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS to be delivered.


2 years later and they are still using SMARTPOST. THEY DO NOT CARE AND KNOW THAT SMARTPOST is terrible


Smartpost is a Joke !!

My package was about an hour away,next thing I knew it's now 10 hours from my house with a expected Delivery in 4 more days!

Who was the *** that came up with this "Smartpost" Delivery ??


My package is stuck at the smartpost for the pass three days now. The smart post is about 12 miles away from my house.

I am wondering maybe if they will let me drive over and pick it up? It would be way faster.


I could not agree more. My package has been sitting (literally) at a location about 40 miles away from my house for DAYS.

I placed my order at 6am over one week ago and no package. The shipping was free through the merchant but still.....DO NOT use SP if you really need something!


the reason for it being so slow is that they offer cheaper services than USPS taking direct care of it completely. The guarantee on FXSP shipments are 14-15 days not 2-3.


I am currently having a similar problem with a Kohl's order shipped via FedEx "Smart Post." What a terrible "service," and how totally beneath FedEx! My package is lost is a black hole, somewhere in the USPS system.

Although I can see the shipping information on the FedEx website, FedEx claims that the package is in the hands of the USPS.

At the moment, it appears that Kohl's has only two shipping options: regular and expedited. For the regular shipping Kohl's is using this FedEx "SmartPost," so no more online Kohl's purchases for me, and no more FedEx of any kind.


I used Amazon so much, but now it seems they have turned to this ***. I'd hate to boycott them, but if I have to...maybe pay more for expedited shipping, although I don't seen why I should when standard shipping was enough for the past 5 years.

KY to TX does NOT equal more than 5 business days. LAME!!!


I agree that FedEx Smartpost is a ridiculous and troublesome service. It is S-L-O-W !!

I am unsure why a merchant would use this delivery method. I will avoid a merchant in the future if they use this FedEx service. USPS services are much faster and more reliable.

A terrible means of shipping. 10 days from Boston to Charlotte, NC!!


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