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I'm amongst many who have made the mistake of having an item shipped by FedEx smartpost. I did a little research, and it turns out FedEx bought out a small third-party company called Smartpost a while back and are using this service without letting you know in advance. I mean, I ordered something online and it said it would ship via FedEx, so I bought it thinking I'd have tracking and it would be here in a few days. WRONG!! The company takes its time with putting the order in first off. Telling me that they couldn't get the information sent to FedEx. I placed the order on the 18th of February. It shipped February 22nd. I check up on the tracking...and it says it arrived here in Denver on the 25th, which is normal. So I figure I would wait a day or so for delivery. It is now March 3rd and nothing. It turns out that this Smartpost or rather Stupidpost is where FedEx sends the item to USPS, then USPS delivers it to you. I contact both FedEx and USPS and they have no idea where the packages are. USPS goes on further to tell me that I have more information than they even do. This is what the FedEx Stupidpost says as far as tracking goes. At home expected delivery was supposed to be on the 28th:


Date Time Description Location

February 27, 2008 3:00 PM USPS Entry HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO

February 27, 2008 1:38 AM Electronic Shipping Info Received LITTLETON, CO *

February 27, 2008 12:58 AM USPS Electronically Notified LITTLETON,CO

February 27, 2008 12:11 AM Sortation Center Departure DENVER, CO

February 25, 2008 3:24 AM Sortation Center Arrival DENVER, CO

February 23, 2008 8:48 AM Sortation Center Departure GROVE CITY, OH

February 22, 2008 12:49 PM Sortation Center Arrival GROVE CITY, OH

February 22, 2008 7:00 AM Pickup LEETSDALE, PA

Conclusion...use another service. I use DHL quite a bit and have had ZERO problems with them. Even UPS has been good to me. Both internationally and domestically. NEVER NEVER use Smartpost by FedEx...unless you're fond of speaking with FedEx customer service and like being a hot potato which every representative wants to get out of their hands...just being passed on from person-to-person.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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My package has traveled over 3900 miles and I am still waiting for fedex to hand over to usps,I dont know why they think customers will accept this but they do.delivery date was 11,9,2018 changed to 11,17,2018 then to 11,16,2018 again today to 11 17,2018 keeping my fingers crossed maybe I'll get it soon..but I have given up on fedex.


Fed Ex Smart Post is the worst, most pathetic delivery service in the U.S.A. , maybe the world?

I already told minmus.biz I will never order from them again because of this service. The package is sitting in Hutchins Texas, only 2.5 hours from where it is going, Kempner Texas, and still has an estimated delivery of 7 days???

Seven days for being only 2.5 hours away? PATHETIC!!!!


Guess what I DON'T have? A USPS mail box address.

I live in a small town where many of us can only get a P.O. Box. Oh, I do have a physical address that I SPECIFIED MY ITEM BE SHIPPED TO, I just don't have a USPS mailing address here. I do have a USPS PO Box that the company refused to ship to in the first place.I usually put my physical shipping address followed by ELSE PO BOX #, but the companies software reads that and refuses to ship.

It's BULL****.Fortunately I live in a small town and they know me. I will be calling the company that shipped this in the morning though.


Yep, just made the mistake of using Fedex Smartpost to ship an order. I've been watching it being bounced around the Denver area for 3 days, and now it was punted clear over a mountain pass to the other side of me and delivery isn't scheduled for another 2 days.

As someone else suggested, "smart" should be removed from their service name and replaced with "dumb". Additonally, the reply I received from Fedex was the typical insulting "you can track your package here" and "here is more obvious and useless information, including the obligatory *this is how we do things*, to fill up space in an email and get this item off my list without taking any responsibility or acknowledging there's a problem", insuring I will pay more to order something from a different supplier if Dumbpost is the only option.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1312620

9 years later it is still no good! Same issues.

I base my purchase on when I will receive determining if I should just go to a local store or purchase online and avoid the hassle.

It is much more annoying when you think a package is going to arrive in 2-3 days and over a week later you receive the purchased goods! Very disappointing to say the least.

Tucson, Arizona, United States #1282393

I am waiting for a package sent FedEx Smartpost which took 3 days to go from Indianapolis, IN to Phoenix, AZ and now 3+ days to go from Phoenix, AZ to Tucson, AZ (1 1/2 hour drive!) and was SUPPOSED to be here TONIGHT - they say SHOULD be handed to Post Office in Tucson for delivery tomorrow. Anybody want to take odds on that one?

Yes, I'm pissed! 3 days from IN to AZ and 3+ days from Phoenix to Tucson!!!

I could have driven UP and GOTTEN the package 3 days ago! Ridiculous!

to Anonymous Tucson, Arizona, United States #1283456

Still waiting and what once said delivery for Monday now says Thursday... glad I'm not holding my breath on this....

oh, everyone keeps saying it's the "bad weather" in Phoenix - you know the snow blizzards and such - told the National Weather Service in Phoenix THAT one!

(LOL) Righttttt! We're in the 70-80's this week and last!


FedEx Snartpost has to be the worst shipping method ever. I order a ton of stuff online, never have problems with any other shipping method.

Have had numerous problems with packages shipped via FedEx Smartpost. You can never take the expected delivery date seriously. The date of expected delivery will change daily, getting further and further out. Snail mail is 10 times faster than Smartpost.

I've had at least two packages go completely missing after being shipped via Smartpost. I really wish online retailers would stop shipping stuff using this method.

It's an utter disaster.

to Anonymous Rockville, Maryland, United States #1244581

They should change the name back to Federal Express *** Post

Milledgeville, Georgia, United States #1226999

I had 2 small batteries ordered on Oct 6 and delivered from Keasbey, NJ to Eatonton, GA. Approximately 850 miles.

They were supposed to be here on the 15th at the latest. Then FedEx smartpost changed it to the 17th. Now it's changed to the 18th. They are, at last tracking, sitting about 60 miles from me.

FedEx smartpost traveled with them to Winston-Salem, NC. Not too far from me. Next tracking report showed them in Indianapolis, IN! What?!

Kind of too far out of the way.

Only other thing I had shipped this way started out 20 miles West of Chicago, went North about 60 miles and traveled back South to Chicago then to Gary, IN.

What a messed up delivery system.

I will post about the seller that they ship by FedEx Smartpost to warn others of the slowest shipping available

to Anonymous Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1312624

The same thing happened to me. The sellers should at least say they are using this crappy service. They are usually charging for standard Fed Ex and get away with it!

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #1195325

2016 and smartpost is still terrible. 4 days to go over 2000 miles (Anaheim, CA to Alexandria, KY) and another 7 days to go 12 miles from Alexandria, KY to Florence, KY.


I will NEVER USE ANOTHER VENDOR that chooses to offer Smartpost as their only shipping option.


to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1221926

The problem is NONE of the companies state that they use smartpost! they charge expedited delivery fees leading you to believe it will be shipped 2-day ups or Fed Ex, then ship it at dirt cheap rates via Fed Ex's smartpost!

There is no way to identify the companies using this awful service and charging premium prices, except by placing an order and getting shocked when you receive shipping email saying here's the SMARTPOST tracking number. Even if you use the tracking it will only tell you when it's been delivered to the Post office.

After that there is no way to track the package, and I've had packages sit at the Post Office for days before it goes out for delivery to my home. Deceptive billing practices, the companies charge us $15.95 for 2-business day delivery and the pkg doesn't even get to the post office by 2 days, and then sits there for possibly a week before being delivered.

to Anonymous Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #1312627

That is so true. They give the false impression that they are shipping with FED EX or UPS and charge for this service.

They get a break in price and the customer pays full price. I work in shipping and my UPS rep mentioned how we could save money with Sure Post and told him that I know how unhappy I am with this service and we are NOT in the business of upsetting our customers!


In my case, I receive NO home delivery by the USPS due to vandalism. I finally had to remove my mail box to get them to stop.

I have P.O. Box at the local post office instead. However, most sellers say they can't ship to a P.O box because FedEx can't deliver to a P.O. box.

Then, they ship via SmartPost and my shipments get returned as undeliverable by the USPS. It is TOTALLY ridiculous!!!


Fedex Smartpost (ironic name) adds two days to all deliveries. You track it to your city and think it will be at your door the next day.

WRONG! It will sit there waiting for all the rest of other people's smartposts and at the end of the day they delivery your package to the USPS instead of to your door...then the USPS has to re-sort your package and deliver the package the next day.

Any time I track some package, I always cuss when I learn the store has sent it STUPIDpost. I have actually gotten a package delivered from across the country faster than a smartpost that has already gotten to my city.


I place an order through eBay which is supposed to be delivered through FedEx Smartpost. And be delivered between the 5th of January and the 12th of January and Smart post has not even as so much picked up the package and started the inroute delivery yet.

This package must travel all the way across country to Kent Washington then 300 miles back to where I live.

This package has not even begin its trip and will not make it until at least late. I will not order from anyone using FedEx from eBay or Amazon anymore.


I agree! Smartpost is terrible!!!

Ordered something through Amazon on 12/9/15. I thought it was being delivered by FedEx. Was told it would arrive by 12/19/15. That date came and went.

Then I was told it would be here by 12/24/15, which would have been fine. But now even that won't happen. I "may" get it on 12/26/15.

Obviously at this time of year this delay is a BIG DEAL! I am very upset with Amazon, Fedex and Smartpost!


We live in northern Sonoma County, Ca. in a development called The Sea Ranch.

The ZIP code for our development is 95497, and deliveries by FedEx and UPS come to our door. The USPS does not deliver to residential addresses in our development. We have a PO box at the nearest US Post Office, but it is in Gualala, Mendocino County, CA 95445. When there is a "hand-off" to the USPS, the package inevitably goes to a contract station, covering 95497, where there are PO boxes, but not ours.

We used to get a phone call from the contract station to pick up any packages, but their policy has changed, and they will not call or take calls from non box holders. We chose Gualala, to the North, for our PO Box, since it has an actual Post Office, and it also has two supermarkets, gasoline, etc.

Now if we expect a package, we have to physically visit the contract station twice per week to prevent having the item returned as undeliverable. This is 10 miles round-trip away from home, to the South, just to check on a package.

Amazon refunds purchase and shipping costs for undeliverable items, but many shippers do not. Items which are not time-sensitive can be re-ordered, but who needs this hassle?

Brighton, Michigan, United States #1018868

happened to me just recently. item was received in pieces and in all my 9-1/2 years plus on ebay using USPS, I've never had this problem and I package well. I will never use them again.

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