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I live in a Chicago suburb. My package shipped from Michigan and was received at the FedEx hub just about 5 miles from my house in 2 days.

Ok, so that's not bad. But, they sent it to Smartpost hub in WISCONSIN! Are you serious? How is this saving anyone.

It's now been sitting there for 2 days. Hasn't moved. So ridiculous. The package shipping cost 5.99.

The product could have been shipped ground parcel post for $1.50 and I would've gotten it in the same amount of time. How wasteful. Think about the gas wasted driving this $7 dollar item in circles through the midwest. What a waste.

Glad I'm not in a hurry to receive it. But would be nice if the shipper notified people accurately of FedEx Smartpost. Not that it's FedEx 2 day shipping. It certainly was FedEx 2 day.

FedEx handled it for 2 days, came within 5 miles of my house, then washed their hands of it when USPS Smartpost gets hold of it. Really dumb!

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Naperville, Illinois, United States #613679

It's funny when unaware people point fingers at somebody. Get the facts: the USPS contracts FedEx to move the USPS SmartPost freight from city to city.

Freight is delivered to the USPS facility that will then deliver that freight. SmartPost is a USPS delivery service using FedEx as the airlift.

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