I ordered some clothes from a Local clothing factory in my city. Usually when the factory ships through UPS my package gets to my home exactly one day after I make a purchase, but now since they use FedEx Smartpost it is taking much longer for it to get to me.

Instead of putting it on a truck and coming a few miles to my house, FedEx shipped it to Orlando. Why?! IDK! Remember the clothing factory is at max about 30min away from me.

Then it has been in transit from Orlando to my city for 3 days. Orlando is just 2 hours away from where I live!

If only the factory would have let me come pick up my package instead of having to go through FedEx. I should have read the reviews before I pressed purchase.

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Telluride, Colorado, United States #720507

FedEx SmartPost (and UPS SurePost) are hideous! Most on-line retailers won't accept orders for delivery to post office boxes, yet my local post office doesn't deliver mail to my house because I live in a rural area that requires a post office box. So when a SmartPost/SurePost package arrives at the post office for the final leg of delivery to me, the post office returns it, claiming it's undeliverable! There appears no way to list both a residential address and a PO box number when ordering on-line.

And I've noticed on the on-line tracker for UPS and FedEx, that a package takes one or two days to get across the country but then when it's turned over to the Post Office, that package can take 5 days just moving across town! It's absolutely unacceptable. I assume city dwellers are fine with SmartPost/SurePost but it's a huge failure for rural America.

On-line retailers need to be transparent about how they ship and give buyers a choice. I now only buy from on-line retailers who I know will ship FedEx or UPS all the way to my door, or the USPS to my post office box.


We live in a rural area where there is no home delivery. When I buy online, if the shipping is FedEx or UPS, I provide my street address.

Well, Smart Post goes to the post office for delivery, and guess what? No delivery to my house. Even though we live in a very small town and get lots of mail in our po box, apparently the postal employees can't be bothered to look us up and put the delivery notice in the po box--back to the company our purchase goes.

It would not even be so bad if the companies said they use Smart Post and to list a po box if you have one. Drives me crazy.


All your blame lies with the shipper. SmartPost is supposed to be a cheap shipping option, with a correspondingly longer time in transit.

If the shipper is charging you the same amount as before, but is shipping SmartPost instead of UPS or FedEx Ground service, then they have effectively raised their prices. What you describe is how SmartPost is supposed to work.


It's been in transit from Orlando for that long because Smartpost is the uber cheap way for companies to ship. What Smartpost basically is, is a bulk mailing service and what happens is that they have a predetermined amount of items that justifies the cost of shipping, so say they will only ship out 100 items in each shipment, and when you placed your order it was the say the 20th piece ordered for that particular batch, they then went to Orlando to pick up another 10 pieces and they may be waiting In Orlando for other items to fill up that pallet and don't be surprised to see your package across the country because they went to pick up items over there before it gets back to you, where it will languish in the post office for at least another day before it gets to you.

Basically you won't get your package before they have those 100 places filled on that pallet. When that happened to me and I realised that it was at my local post office I called them and had them hold it and just walked over there and picked it up.

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