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I placed an order with, who uses FedEx SmartPost to ship items that are fulfilled by Amazon. The order was picked up at its location on July 20th. On July 23rd it arrived at Greensboro, NC. It has not moved from Greensboro since then; 4 days later! The estimated arrival date of my package was July 25th so the package is two days late.

I contacted Amazon and they won't give me a refund or replace the books until August 1st. I then contacted FedEx Smartpost. After a long and complicated menu I was directed to a customer representative. The representative was obviously foreign so I could barely understand her and she sounded like she was far off which made it even harder to understand her. I explained the situation and she asked for my name and tracking number. She contradicted herself saying that the records said it would arrive today (the 27th) and then said it said it would be there on the 26th. But my records did, and still do, say it was suppose to arrive on the 25th. She told me that the package was in Greensboro and was listed as "in transit" and she didn't have the records to look up and tell me when it would be at my house. Frustrated, I just hung up on her since she obviously wasn't being of much help to me.

Why couldn't she tell me why my package had been sitting at Greensboro for 4 days without moving? None of those days was a holiday or weekend so the package has no reason to just sit there.

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It's because they hand it off to the USPS for delivery and they are horrible. Amazon should allow you to choose shipping method but they don't.

Littleton, Colorado, United States #654870

We have a small business and have shipped approximately 22,000 packages through fedex using smartpost. Fedex has overcharged us on most of the packages by saying they weighed more than they actually did.

Now, no one will call us back and fedex says it's smartpost's billing problem but we are not allowed to call them. They owe us thousands of dollars and we can't talk to anyone.

Definitly changing shippers but fighting with fedex. May have to hire a lawyer.


Hi, my name is Nick and I am trying to use smartpost with amazon. I realize that you advise against this but if you could tell me how to ship through smartpost with amazon I would be grateful. Thanks very much!

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