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WOW, what do you know, my previous post/complaint just keeps disappearing from the FedEx Facebook page. I guess I'll have to keep reposting it.

. . .

Just received a Fedex package. The delivery guy didn't want to come all the way up the stairs so just threw it from half way up.

By the time I got outside he was back in his van and driving off. Next time UPS! It was clearly marked FRAGILE. I knew it had arrived because it bounced off my front door.

I'll be transferring all my packages to UPS in the future. If people don't like their job there are plenty of un-employed to fill the space!

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #754207

Perhaps you could complain to Jerry Brown. He looks out for all those oppressed, doesn't he?

You could offer to pay more in taxes in order to get better service or he could hire the "homeless" to deliver packages. Just a thought.

Your problem begins and ends with FedEx and that particular employee. Complain to FedEx and if no satisfaction, then go with UPS, tho they are unionized and thus suspect.

In our area, FedEx does a great job. All businesses have bad employees.

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