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Recently I bought a sports goods from China. The company recommend me to use FedEx, because according to them, it's fast, secure, and easy.

At Feb 16, 2012 I got a call from FedEx Representative (Mr. Evodius Cesar, Bandung FedEx Branch, Indonesia) that my package has arrived, and the import duty is 395000 IDR (around 43 USD). I asked him to mail him the details which he did. According to the details, my 'real' import duty is 180000 IDR (around 20 USD), while the others are charges put by them.

At 9 am, I called the FedEx branch, Bandung, and Miss Sesi Seraswati (Marketing/CS ?, it's very confusing since her position changes everytime I talk to different people) answered my complain. I complained about the extra charges, and unless she can show me valid reason behind those charges, I refused to pay it. I mention to her a couple of times that I don't mind paying the Import Duty, but she must explain the charges if she want me to pay for those as well. She promised to work things out and let me know asap.

At Feb 17, 2012, I received an email from the sender that FedEx informed that I refused to pay the Import Duty, which is untrue. I called them again at 9ish am, and Mr. Evodius Cesar is the one answered, reasoning that Miss Sesi is busy handling other customer. He refused to acknowledged about the problem at first, after a while, he promised to explain to the sender about difference Import Duty and extra charges. He also promised to forward the emails to me, which he didn't do.

Around 11 am, I got email from Mr. Evodius Cesar stating that I need only to pay the Import Duty as big as 180000 IDR.

At 1 pm, FedEx called me, and they relayed me to their Bandung Branch Manager, Mr. Irwin. He tried to push me to pay the extra charges, and at first refused to answer whether the email at 11 am is valid or not. After pushing him for checking (which he reluctantly did), he checked and left me on hold for more than 10 minutes. Lastly, he acknowledged that the email is valid, and I don't need to pay the extra charges. I asked him to explain this to the sender, since the sender are pushing me to pay the import duty, and under impression that I don't want to pay them at all. He promised to explain it so that the misunderstanding can be corrected.

At 5.57 pm, I received an email from my sender stating that FedEx told them the package will be sent back because I have refused to pay the Import Duty. I promptly tried to contact FedEx, Bandung Branch, but there's no answer. Then I tried to call their hotline (toll-free) number : 0800-1888-900. But the number is not active. That left me with the roaming call to their center CS. Here, I also had trouble to get their CS to answer my problem. Some left me on hold for 10 minutes and then disconnect the line. Other relayed me to operator that insisted I have to know the person I need to talk to. After much difficulty, I talked with the superviser of the time Mr. Donni that promised me that Bandung Branch will call me at night. Duiring this time, I also sent emails to Mr. Evodius Cesar and Miss Sesi Serawati about the problems.

At 7 pm - 8 pm, Mr. Cesar replied my email stating that he already processed my problem according to FedEx Standard Procedure, and refused to answer any of my questions about false statement to sender, the inactive toll-free number, the unanswered call to their Bandung Branch. When I asked him agin about the inactive toll-free number, he said : Thank you.

Feb 18, 2012. At 8 am I tried contatcting Bandung Branch for almost 1 hour, but noone there answered my call. According to the time work at, their office open from 8 am - 12 am. At 9 am, I called their central CS (roaming call) again, received by Mr. Idriss. As usual, at first, he refused to acknowledged nor answered any of my questions. Later, he promised that Bandung Branch will contact me asap and sending me an email explaining about the false statement. 5 minutes after hang up, Miss Sesi called me informing that the package is on the way. I asked her about the problem I sent through email, but she refused to answer me. When I asked her about the reimbursement for the problem they caused, she said that it's my risk. I then demanded her to explain to me why their toll-free number is not working, but she put a silence treatment. Lastly, she made me hold the line for 14 minutes and then disconnect the call.

The package come around 12 pm delivered by Mr. Dadang. After briefly checking the Import Duty, I foudn that they charged me disregarding the custom law of Indonesia Country. The law stated that items with value less than 50 USD will be free of duty. My item value is 30 USD. By the law, I should've not paid any Duty. Yet, here it is FedEx asked me to pay. They can't even produce any tax receipt for what I paid.

Is this like what Mr. Evodius Cesar said ? That this is all Standard Procedure of FedEx? If so, I strongly advised every people to avoid using FedEx.

Review about: Fedex Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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I have always had a problem with Fedex charging BS fees for international packages into the US. Once, they even charged me an expediting fee for a next day air package that was delayed for two weeks because of their ineptness.

I import a lot of things from overseas and only have fees from Fedex.

Mexico, Capital District, Venezuela #732496

Totally agree with this!I've had a similar issue in Mexico, and they said if I didn't pay that FedEx policy is to let the employees keep the item!

I can't possibly believe this would be true!PLEASE use DHL, UPS, or other service to put FedEx out of business!


FEDEX IS A CSAM COMPANY which take to much import tax on there own believing sometimes you pay for a package with less value more import tax as for a package with a higher value.

Someone should go to the court and put this faker in the jail

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