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Not that I should be surprised, but FedEx Sucks. I spent my day off yesterday (Friday) waiting around for FedEx to redeliver a package. I had arranged with them by phone to deliver on Friday because I could be home.

I called at 12pm and was told it was never put on the truck....oops...then they changed their mind and told me it would be here by 2:30pm. I called at 4pm and asked why it hadn't arrived. I was told it would be here by 6pm. Same story at 6pm....told 8pm. Same story at 8pm....told I was the last drop at 9pm.

Guess what - it never arrived! Now, they can't deliver until Monday - when I can't be home. It it my new computer so I am not going to sign for it to be left at my door! I call customer service today and they ask me if a neighbor could sign for it or if I could pick it up. WTF? I don't pay to have something shipped to my door to then have to go pick it up.

They are totally NOT helpful. All kinds of excuses why they can't do the job they are paid to do. What can I do now? They have my computer as hostage. They will 'try' to deliver it by FedEx on a time I am home. guarantees. again...WTF?

I really HATE FedEx. This is not the first time they have screwed around with me. The time on the telephone alone...not to mention my wasted day worth a total refund...but they don't do that either!

Of course, there is not online complaint form either. Wouldn't want to make it too easy for us to tell them how crappy their service is.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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