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I really hope that others aside from FedEx haters are reading the FedEx hate mail on here. Once again FedEx has screwed me over.

I purchased some personal size coolers (Igloo coolers) online and they shipped via FedEx. I received an e-mail today that the package had been delivered to my home at 11:18am. Guess what happened when I got home from work. So once again the FedEx driver could not locate my home.

My development has been where it is since the 40's so it shows up on EVERY map and comes up in EVERY gps. Plus I am literally 2 miles or 5 minutes from the warehouse. So now I have to wait for these losers to figure it out. My delivery isn't majorly important, or overly expensive, but that shouldn't even matter.

How difficult is it to drop a package at someones home? Obviously it is too much of a hassle as they can never seem to get it right. This is the fourth time in just over a year that FedEx has shoved it up my rectum sans sufficient lube. As I stated in another complaint here FedEx should just close down and leave the simple task of delivering packages to UPS.

I love my UPS guy. He is always polite and I ALWAYS get my delivery. UPS RULES. FedEx blows.

FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS FedEx BLOWS!!!!! In case you haven't got the point UPS RULES and FEDEX BLOWS.

I hate FedEx more than root canal surgery. Never use FedEx

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They don't treat the employees any better. I know people that work there and if the economy was better they'd leave in a heartbeat.

The reasons they can't find where people live is in part because of the high turnover rate and the inexperienced drivers that replace those that have had it with constant harassment from management.

When u have companies that treat their employees like any monkey could do the job then u get service like this.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #767587

Bottom line first: If something is not replaceable or the loss cannot be compensated with the actual dollar value, never send it by Fedex. Because, if Fedex lose the item, they will close the case and ask you to file a claim. They don't care a *** what the item means to the sender.

I fedexed a package from Atlanta, GA to Milpitas, CA, by 2 day. Fedex didn't deliver the package to the hotel room on expected day. They didn't even visit the address or call the recepient. The recepient received instead a tracking email, announcing that the package was returned because the address was wrong. When the recepient called the local Fedex office in Milpitas, they said the package is already on its way back to the sender.

I checked the tracking information and found that the package was on its way back initially, and after a day, that it was delivered. I hadn't received the packet so I called Fedex, They promptly told me that it has been delivered to the apartment office of "my" appartment, in Omaha, Nebraska!!! Well, they returned it to the wrong address!!

Fedex said they lost the package and it is not retrievable, and asked me to file a claim. I couldn't afford to lose the stuff in the package, it had much more value than declared, because it was actually an only prototype of a hardware that our company developed, and if I lost it, I would lose my job.

Long story short, I traced the apartment, talked to the staff, they talked to the people whom it was delivered to by Fedex, they returned the package to the apartment office (Thanks!! they could very well have not..) And the apartment office handed it over to the Fedex driver. (Thanks again, the apartment staff's help was invaluable)

Fedex continued to fumble, after the apartment handed over the package to Fedex, it took them three days to confirm that they actually had the package in custody. It reached my apartment in another couple of days.

- it took me countless calls, and a visit to the Fedex office

- Every time I talked to Fedex, they patiently listened, noted it down , promised a call back with details, but nothing after that.

- They didn't refund me the charges, it was clearly their mistake that they didn;t deliver the package in the first place.

-They asked me if I will pay for the return from Omaha to my address, to which I didn't know how to respond. However, I refused to pay for it, and they agreed.

- The local office in Omaha said they sent their driver to check if the package can be retrieved, but I came to know from the apartment staff that such a thing never actually happened.

- All the time, it was as simple for the Fedex local office in Omaha to make a quick call to the apartment and retrieve the package, but they just wanted to close the case with a claims route.


Hoan0602 boohoo. When you enter into a position working for the public, as you and I have chosen, you accept the long hours as part of it.

You also need to accept that the customer is the most important part of the entire process. Without the customer you, myself, FedEx, etc don't have a job. Trying to state that the number of packages or stops dictates how the job gets done is not valid. Both my job and yours requires us to get to the correct address, at my job also during a certain time window, 100% of the time.

Less than 100% is unacceptable.

Making one delivery to a wrong address is unacceptable. And any talk to try and justify this type of poor performance is ridiculous.


So you deliver furniture and bedding. Big deal you do a max if what 10 stops a day maybe.

Try delivering 1000 packages a day out of a semi with no lift gate and no docks and make it to all your pick ups on time. We are talking a minimum of 10 hours a day 5 days a week with no being paid on salary.


And I would love to know why the innocent recipient is always the one to be "blamed" for the wrong doing. All that I did was order a few items and pay my shipping cost.

The remainder of the responsibility falls squarely on FedEx to get it to me. When they don't I am ousted as doing something wrong.

The only thing I did wrong was purchase items that were shipped FedEx Ground. Grow up people


I called FedEx back today, They were supposed to call me but they failed to do so. It seems that a home owner who lives one block over from me received my delivery.

House number different and street name not even remotely close. So I am trying to rectify the issue myself but the home owner isn't home yet. And yes my house number is clearly posted with 6" numbers in plain view. And this goes out to hoan0602.

My background is truck driving delivering home furnishings and bedding. So your comment about not making it a day is juvenile and assholic.

You are the *** sir or madam. Kiss my lilly white *** you jerkoff


I wonder what you are doing wrong that Fedex continues to mess up your deliveries. It seems you are the common denominator.

Is you house number clearly posted, is your phone number on the package? Yes, there are bad delivery drivers, but sometimes people create their own problems.


If you really think It's that easy go to your local FedEx ground terminal and ask for the phone number of a contractor that is hiring. I can tell you that you wouldn't even last a day. Especially when you have to deal with morons like you all day.

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