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Here is my complaint to Fedex:

Something needs to be done about the San Diego terminal. This package was shipped 20 days ago with the correct address on it.

It exceptioned twice because the driver couldn't find my house

(they've been here before), yet no contact was made to me or the shipper to let us know. I emailed you my phone number last week so they could call for directions. No one called. When I called the terminal yesterday and left a message, they called back 5 hours later and told me it was sent back, and to call go-fedex and call them back.

So, I called you and you called them and they said they would deliver the package today and didn't need directions. The shipper also called and was told you spoke to me and would deliver it yesterday. Today, I was called by you at 8am and told the package had been returned to sender. WTF?

I have already waited 20 days while this package sat at the terminal, but you told me after 10 days, it gets sent back? I am treated like I did something wrong because the driver is too lazy to look for my house and the terminal can't be bothered to call me for directions? What is wrong with these people? The address they said was on the package is my exact correct address, so there was no problem on my end in the first place.

If you can't teach your drivers to read a map or use a phone, you should at least keep a customer database that lists directions for places they've been before. Now I have to re-order a product I needed 2 weeks ago from someone who uses a trustworthy service like UPS. I will no longer do business with Fedex and make sure I tell everyone I know not to either. I do alot of shopping online, and I will tell everyone I buy from that I can't do it unless they use UPS.

I don't want an apology from customer dervice, I want these people in San Diego disciplined for ruining your company and losing my business (and probably the million other people they've done this to). One time, they left a $300 phone at the neighbors gate on the road, when my phone number was right on the box! When I called looking for it, they blamed me and told me to go find it myself.

If that's the kind of service you want to deliver, all the best customer service agents in the world aren't going to help you.

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