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I paid as much for express shipping as I did for the parts I ordered. I have had FedEx leave a $2000 exhaust system for one of my cars out in the middle of my front yard because it wouldn't fit on my front patio.

They have left a $1500 soft top for my Wrangler sitting in the front yard too. I left a note on my front door with a signature today,anticipating the delivery, and apparently an $80 part is not worthy of being left in my front yard like everything else. As luck would have it, I need this part to get my car fixed and can't get it. I run the purchasing department for a major steel corporation and I guarantee we will NEVER USE FEDEX EVER AGAIN FOR SHIPPING, NOR WILL I EVER ORDER FROM A STORE WHO USES FEDEX DELIVERY SERVICE.

I thought UPS was bad, but man was I mistaken.


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There may be choices but some company's only use fedex

Charlottesville, Virginia, United States #1103291

Fedex tried to tell me my package was delayed going to Roanoke due to a accident. But here's the kicker it's been processed into Roanoke for four days know.

Also the package is coming to farmville and their saying it has to go to lynchburg to be processed. Farmville is before lynchburg so what the ***.


Warning Warning.... FedEx has been randomly adding a $9 additional handling charge on my packages for no reason.

When I call them they have no clue why were were charged.... Audit you invoices people!!!!! Also their scanners add sometimes many inches onto the package that can add up to double, triple or more in cost. NOTE it is not in FedEx best interest to fix these problems...

they are making millions of the errors!!!

Audit you invoices people!!!!! Report the errors here so other can see how we are being ripped off!!!


Fedex will be glad to leave package but won't do so if shipper requires signature



Centralia, Washington, United States #918593

I ordered a document from my financial institution, I had two options, either USPS 50 cent stamp or 1-2 day delivery $40.00. This is a very critical time sensitive document so I paid the $40.00.

I live in Washington state and the document was being sent from Colorado, had it been dropped into the mail on Thursday I would have received it on Saturday. The sender notified FedEx of the package at 10:19 AM on Thursday and FedEx picked it up at 4:06 PM Thursday then at 9:20 PM they sent it to Memphis Tennessee (890 miles in the wrong direction) where it arrived at 11:36 AM Friday, it did not leave Memphis until 4:20 AM Saturday and FedEx has confirmed that I will not see the package until Monday sometime before 8:00 PM.

Do not waste your time or your money on FedEx, the United States Postal Service is Cheaper, Faster and more reliable.

Congress is trying to shut down the Post Offices so that we can pay WAY more money to UPS and FedEx for the same services, FedEx and UPS pay big money to Congress to weaken the USPS.

They both favor Republican candidates since Republicans are trying to close the Postal Service and force us to pay exceptionally high rates to send anything.



to FedUp with FedEx #986944

How in the world did this country start blaming everything on Republicans

Shut your Dam T.V. off and grow up

Orange, California, United States #902472

Well... This won't be a love letter...

First FedEx, STOP APOLOGIZING AND JUST DO YOUR *** JOB !!! Its shameful... I had an envelope... A simple FedEx "Priority Overnight 10:30am delivery" envelope coming from Las Vegas to Orange County....

First time they told me they courier left it behind. Second call they told me the weather out east (Buffalo?!) was affecting the deliveries.... FROM LAS VEGAS !?!?!?.... I was then told the package would arrive after 1300....

The entire remainder of my whole life will arrive after 1300.... When will the package that was to be delivered by 10:30 arrive ? Before midnight I was told.... Third call....

Back to the courier story.... Still no delivery time... BTW... When you tell a customer who is a small business man that you "understand", you are telling a bold faced lie.

You can never understand the need to keep the commitments made until you are subject to sloppy service, willful disregard, and ridicules deflections of responsibility coming from FedEx employees. Perhaps your level of denial will shake when we the customers walk away !~


As a current employee of FedUp, their is something you all must understand, Fedex is a corporation now, all they care about is shareholders, customer service is not important at all. Their are layers and layers of middle management who are as useless as *** on a tomato, all they do is think of *** policies and procedures that do nothing but make the drivers job unnecessarily harder by choking them with best practices and all of the other *** *** they learn from a book in college.

In the last 20 years I have watched this once great company go from the benchmark of package delivery to a toilet.

So use another shipping company, That's the beauty of a free market economy, You have choices.


I heard Fed-ex has a new movie coming out!

The Box Trolls!!


FedEx sucks. Big time!

Just sent a package last week. Checked tracking when I got home. Package on its way to recipient. Supposedly have been delivered today.

Then today, I checked and tracking number is invalid. What the heck? So, I called FedEx and a rep is clueless as well. And the thing is, that's pretty much the end of the road for me.

I asked if someone else can help me. She said, I have to ask the recipient about it because there's nothing else she can do. Duh! How can I ask a recipient who have not received it yet?

FedEx sucks! Good thing I barely use them. Now, I'm definitely not going to use them anymore.

USPS is way better that them. And they have a better help desk resource.

Why, Arizona, United States #797578

I love how people automatically assume they know how fedex operates behind the scenes... the average customer is a complete ***... :(

Vader, Washington, United States #738638

FedEx and UPS both are horrible and I avoid using them as much as possible. Always late and tracking updates never work plus they are overpriced.

Both companies don't even seem to work on weekends so no wonder when you pay nearly $30 dollars for a 0.5 lb package to be delivered in 2 days it arrives a week later. USPS is surprisingly far superior to either of these companies and I try to use them for all my shipping needs.


Fedex Sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I send a package Fedex International priority (Thursday), it was supposed to arrive Friday by 10:30 am, it is stuck in customs and nobody called me.

My husband was there for training and now he is deployed. What will happen to the package? I don’t know; all I know it has personal affects in there to burst his moral. Does Fedex care at all???

NO!!! Here my husband is risking life and limb for his country and they can’t even do their jobs. On phone call it all it would have taken!! I could have straitened things out and then he could have had his package.

Then they tried to lie to me as well! I called and they told me the package did not arrive in customs until Monday, and then I told them the package arrived on Friday and has been sitting there ever since. Then the operator changed his story and told me they tried to call me on Friday. Now does that sound like a company with any kind of ethics or responsibility??

I believe not! By the way my cell is my life line, I go nowhere without it! Call log revealed no missed calls from Fedex. Oh on top of that the person, who was supposed to send me the customs form, did not do that.

When I called 2 days later because I have not received my form yet, all they said was “Oh just one period to many.” What for goodness sakes is going on here, because he was too incompetent to copy my email address right, the package is still not trough customs. Let me tell you, this is far from over!! I will let everybody I know in my military community, never to send anything via fedex. And I know quite some people, enlisted and higher ranking officers.

They will see a drop in their numbers! This will go viral! I will post this every military website I can find. Oh by the way I paid $270.

For a package that weight 15 lbs. overnight. I am still waiting for my email with the customs form!!

Today is Thursday one week later! Waiting, waiting, waiting…………… :(

Providence, Rhode Island, United States #705077

Whether your package is left without a signature or not is up to the shipper. If the shipper requires a signature, it doesn't matter if you leave a note.

Fedex can't leave it. If the shipper didn't pay for "signature required", they can leave it at your door. If your ordering exhaust system's that don't fit on your porch.

Build a bigger porch, or a smaller car. :p

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1256601

Seriously? That's you response?

Build a bigger porch! I guess you must be one of those lazy FEDEX drivers that wont leave a package even if it doesn't require a signature because you never attempted a delivery and just lied.

You are a fool

Miami, Florida, United States #696895

The past 3 orders I've bought from eBay have been shipped with Fedex, and all of them have been late. Most recently, I specifically ordered next-day shipping (ordered early in the morning before their cut-off time), today I checked their tracking website and it said estimated delivery was today at 3:00 pm.

I check it at 3:00 pm and it was in a city nearby.

4 hours later no package, so I check again and that status was suddenly erased and it is now back in another state. I don't know if the driver made a U-turn or their tracking software is broken, but the day is over and I didn't receive my time-sensitive package.

For any potential seller out there reading this, note this: I would GLADLY pay you extra money to ship with anyone other than Fedex.

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States #691573

I was expecting a shipment - it was a bed 54lb in weight. When it did not arrive on the expected date I decided to track it using the tracking number. It arrived in their MASPETH, NY facility on 07/24 and went missing since then.

Tracking# 279500415005945 (https://www.fedex.com/fedextrack/?tracknumbers=279500415005945)

I called the customer service and was told that they would check and revert back in 24 to 48 business hours, however I am yet to hear from them although it is past that time frame.

I am wondering what kind of security these guys have. If something as huge as this can vanish in thin air and can't be traced, I would be really scared to send any envelopes/packages containing confidential documents by fedex. Very disappointed!!

San Francisco, California, United States #675477

Had a tv delivered and they placed in front of my door in a apartment complex really come on man. As u would think someone passed by and picked it up, and they told me I am responsible. *** FedEx next time I will drive cross country to make sure I get my package and not some *** driver delivering it

New York, New York, United States #648580

Website doesn't work in Safari, it tells you your account doesn't exist even when you punch in your email address you have been using withthem for TEN YEARS.

Barely works in Firefox, won't accept password or security word, makes you recreate it all.

Go online, discover time wasted above now means NO MORE PICKUPS TONIGHT, so try to find a drop off location, there is no key to the color-symbols used on the map results page, so it's unclear if the drop off end time is valid or not.

Call up, deal with the *** phone tree, get some guy who failed ESL, tell him what I need to know, HE CAN'T FIND IT.

Ask for a supervisor, WAIT TEN MINUTES and she explains it but can't explain WHY THERE IS NO CODE / EXPLANATION of the graphics that would have let me solve this on my own.

Obviously, the company is run by IDIOTS. USE UPS OR USPS.

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