I had an order sitting in New Jersey for nearly a week and I had emailed their customer service over 3 times and never got a response. Finally my order has just made it first move but who knows when or if ill even get it (and i definitely need it by christmas).

I will be calling their 800 number customer service phone number today and IF i get to talk to a real person I will be ripping in to them.

I don't understand how they can conduct business like this without getting more repruccisions. Thanks for nothing Fedex.

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Think what you really meant to say was: FedEx Sux !!!! lol

New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States #756542

I agree Fedx tracking system sucks!I tried to track a computer I ordered.The tracking number said my computer was in Sacramento,,CA. for 5 days!!!!

I called there customer no service they told me my package was in Sacramento,Ca. Da,tell me something I don't know.The US post office has better tracking.Fedx sucks!

Auburn, Massachusetts, United States #754577

yeah because ripping into someone who works at the customer service line will help matters right? why is it that people seem to think you can treat people like *** and get what you want?

while I feel sorry that your wait, you did leave out a few things. when did you place the order? when was it picked? what type of shipping with fedex did you choose?

they have several options as does UPS and others. if you choose next day which I never suggest because you almost NEVER will get it next day and it's been a week i'd contact the merchant for a refund of the charges if they won't then contact the BBB and report them. ripping into fedex will not solve anything if anything it's going to cause them to NOT want to help you. why should they if you're going to be loud & ignorant with them?

also about the shipping when you chose whatever type you did , did it state "days" or "business days" because you never count the weekend. anyways if you do decide to rip into them as you say you will I for one hope they hang up on you as that is NOT the way to treat someone regardless of your situation.

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