I searched high and low for some parts for my classic car and finally located someone in Wisconsin who had them because I could not find them anywhere. He shipped them to me on 8/20; they arrived in North Carolina on 8/21 and then to Durham on 8/23.

Tracking shows my package was last scanned on 9/2. I started calling FedEx about two weeks ago to find out where my package was and all I got was lip service! Eventually somebody told me a case manager was assigned to it and was looking for my package and would call me. Guess what?

Nobody called me. I told them over and over again, these parts were irreplaceable to me and invaluable and I would appreciate a phone call from someone, anyone, to tell me that they were looking for it whether they found it or not. Guess what? Nobody called me.

Their customer service sucks and usually cant tell you any more than what you can find out yourself by tracking your own package. They give you the impression that someone is personally looking for your package, that is not true. When they tell you someone will call you back, they are lying to you.

They dont care if your package has been lost. Either they have a problem with employee theft of packages or theyre completely incompetent at what they do!

User's recommendation: Avoid using FedEx at all costs.

Location: Fellsmere, Florida

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